New years resolutions........

What is your new years resolution?

if you could give one to your oh what would it be?

if you could give one to your baby (+ other children) what would it be?

Mine - to have more 'me' time including time to play on my wii - particularly wii fit to attempt the usual loosing a little weight and getting rid of my flabby belly lol

DH - to tidy up after himself!!! Putting things straight in the bin, closing cupboard doors etc......

Louise - To not fight naps during the day and sleep through the night! (I'd take just waking once for a few months....)


  • lol - good post

    mine would be to stop smoking (although it'll prob last till 2nd Jan as usual)

    OHs - have waaaay too many but would prob say for him to just be nicer to me coz hes an ar**hole.

    Js - to turn the volume down and give mummy a break from the constant headache

    Isaac - to sleep through the night without getting in my bed

    Tyler - to learn to settle himself in his new cot.

    but i really just wanna have a year where we can all be happy and not have to worry about moving/red reminders through the door/ arguing/ illness ...........but thats prob asking too much! xx
  • Oh good one
    For me def to stick to my diet and do more exercise to shift the ridiculous amount of weight I have to loose!
    Oh-well that's easy-to acctually listen to me!! Then we might not end up somewhere without something saying 'I asked you to get that' nad he says 'did you? I don't remember that' agggggghhhhh
    Alfie-to eat more and not muck about with his feeds and taking hours-just a recent thing but hopefully a phase. Now he's starting on solids it might be better?!!
  • me - to lose weight so my wii fit i got for christmas should come in usefull

    OH - to tidy up after himself, to get up in the morning with in the first 2 times the alarm goes off instead of the 10th + time

    Baby - to sleep through

    justin/ Maya - to go to bed at night with out messing around for an hour after iv put them to bed
  • Me - to do do really well at college, and ace my midwifery interview and get a place!!

    Baby Matthew - to sleep thru! he is 11 months old now...surely this is silly stop winging and to stop asking for jaffa cakes all the time. i curse my exs mum!!!
  • I would have to say to give up smoking, and probably say the same for my OH as well as he smokes.

  • mine would be to try and lose some weight even tho i have so far more is always good so i hope ive got the will power to try really hard and stick with it.
    suggestions and food ideas etc welcome.
  • me- to lose 2 stone!! and to have motivation to stop eating junk!! and excerzize

    hubby- to massage me more haha
    lo to sleep through the night!!! even if its just one night!!!
  • Good post :\)

    Mine - To stop eating junk and convenience food and learn to cook proper meals more often

    OH - To be nicer to me sometimes and less grumpy!

    LO - To eat his meals properly without having to be distracted by using anything & everything to hand.
  • Great Post

    Me - Stop swearing, make baby no 2!

    Husband - Do something amazing for our wedding anniversary (last year was our first and he forgot, am expecting jewellery this year!!)

    Neve - Become perfect at daytime napping.

    Ooooh I wish!
  • Me.. to have better will power to say No to yummies! and to start shifting to weight (boring but what else do you expect a woman who had a baby 5 months ago to say :lolimage

    OH to stop dragging me down the sweetie/crisps/biccie ilse in shopping and when I say NO he tells me to 'stop treating him like a child!' so to stop doing that!! lol cause i eat them cause they are in the house! like i said NO will power!

    & baby Charlie! HE WAS SLEEPING thru! but its been 3 weeks now of utterly disterbed night times up ever hour or so! please sleep thru baby! xx
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