FAO Queen Bee (or anyone else who has had OC)

Hiys QB, hope you're ok! Don't know if you'll remember, we had a chat a while back about cholestasis, you gave me some really useful advice, wondered if you could help again please? :\?
I'm now 24 weeks, and last time we spoke i thought the itching was starting again and had bloods which thankfully all came back fine.
But now, over the last few days i've noticed some strange itching, but not sure if it could be OC or is just coincidence? Its only my hands, my palms and in between my fingers, and it seems to start up in the evening, i go to bed and in the morning its gone, but by lunchtime today its back again? Still only my hands! Is this how yours started? With my last one it was all over, all the time, straight away, so i don't know if it can start up like this and get worse or if i'm just being paranoid? I'm seeing midwife on tuesday (she comes to see me at home twice a week now to check my BP) Do you think i'd be ok to wait til then and mention it or should i call her today? I dont want her to think i'm neurotic, but i am worried as i know things can get bad quickly!!


  • Induce at 18 weeks? Sorry to hijack!

  • Thanks honey, called the midwife, who told me to call the hospital, who told me that as i'm seeing my midwife tuesday she can send me for bloods then! Grrrr its so annoying, the hospital just dont seem to take it seriously! They didnt with my last baby either. I moaned, but they said because the itch isnt constant its probably ok. So i'm gonna ring the ante natal clinic tomorrow, demand an appt with my consultant that day, and ask them what the hell they are playing at. I know it might not be OC, especially this early on, but christ, surely its better to be safe than sorry??!!!! Also want to tell them in no uncertain terms that i want to be induced at 37 weeks, no later, if it is OC. They induce at 40 at my hospital, but all the stuff i've read says that risk of stillbirth increases after 37 weeks so i just dont want to take that risk, however small.
    Sorry for the rant!
    And thanks for your help xxx
  • Hey hun, i ended up calling my midwife, who is going to come to my house today and will take bloods (with 2 kids and a bump, and BP probs, she didnt want me going out in the snow!) She said the results will be back by this afternoon, and she will listen in to baby while she's here for a few minutes to make sure she is happy. So at least the midwife is taking me seriously! She was really annoyed when i told her what maternity assessment had said. So with any luck i'll know by this afternoon, and she said she will write me up forms for bloods once a week anyway to keep an eye on the levels, and will arrange for me to go in to the hospital twice a week (as well as seeing her at home twice a week) so that i'll be monitored regularly and it will be picked up quickly. I'm going to try not to panic just yet as i know it wont do my BP any good, but fingers crossed my levels will be ok! xxx
  • Hiya love, bloods came back normal! Big relief, so am going to have bloods fortnightly for now, and go to weekly if midwife or hospital feel i need it, or if the itching gets worse. I'm being seen and monitored twice a week anyway, and have a doppler so i listen to baby everyday and make sure she sounds happy. Also have lots more scans booked to check growth and placenta! I got it in my 2nd pregnancy, and i'm really really hoping i'm one of the few who escapes it! xxxx
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