She's a little munch machine!

Hiya Ladies, long time no see

My little chubba has been on aptimil for hungrier babies since she was around six weeks. I started her off on 5oz. Within a week she wanted another oz and this has kept going on and she is now having 8oz. On the carton if you have this milk you will see it stops after 7oz and there is no 8oz. If anything, after the seven its telling you to start taking a bottle away and maybe starting food. She's starting to look like a little sumo with the belly but is still not dropping any of her feeds and still goes no longer than 4 hours between feeds.

Surely a 12 week old shouldn't be having 8oz of hungrier baby milk.

Should i try her with some 4mth baby food to see if it settles her more or stay like this until shes old enough to have the food?

She's a little pie mincher bless her. lol

Lisa xxx


  • Sounds perfectly normal to me hun. My lo was (and is) exactly the same as that. I wouldn't give her food yet & I would ignore the guidelines on the formula, as it does say underneath that it is only a guide and your lo may need more or less than it says. Your lo is doing very well to be going 4 hours - Gabe is 6 months, weaned on 3 meals, and he still feeds on 6-7oz every 3.5 - 4 hours! Before he was weaned he used to take like 10oz a feed. He's fine and has gained weight steadily, not too fast, in fact hes dropped off his line. So - I would keep doing what you're doing - she is doing great remember. Wouldnt you rather have a baby who loved her milk then one you have to struggle to get milk down? x x
  • that sounds fine honey, she's doing well to wait as long as 4hours, my LO struggled to go past 2hours. i wouldnt change anything personally, the amount she is having is normal XX
  • i don't feel to bad then. lol. I didn't want to be over feeding her or anything. She's definatly a lot chunkier than my son was at this age but she's chunky all round and not just on her tubby belly. lol

    Thank you ladies

    Lisa xxx
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