Issues with Breast to Bottle Please Help!!

Hi All

Was wanting some advice please. My DS is 11 and a half weeks old and has been EBF since birth. I have never been able to express anything to get excited about, not even close to an ounce so he has not had much experience with bottles.

Due to ill health my DS1 was put on bottles at an early age (2 weeks) and took to the bottle fine (issues with milk but thats another story) and I used the Avent brand

I'm not weaning my DS2 but thought it best to start to get him used to the bottle in his mouth etc but had to wait until I seen the Dr to get the infasoya as he cant take milk either. The past 2 nights I have made up 2 ounces and he is not wearing it at all, tonight he got quite upset and I am worried he is going to associate the bottle with unhappiness and I'll be stuck sending him off to school at 5 with a feed form me in the morning LOL LOL

Has any one else had this problem and if so what did you do, also are there any other bottle/teat suggestions that people have found better than Avent. I am not forcing the bottle on him just letting it in his mouth etc and as soon as he shows distress just taking it away but he's no wee eejiy and already on night 2 reated a lot quicker with his protests!!!

Any help greatly appreciated xx


  • jjust re read that when I say Im not weaning him yet I mean off the breast not onto foods LOL lets not open that can of wormsimage
  • Hey hun,

    I use the tt ctn bottles with my dd and she took to them straight away - she is 13 weeks and ebf.

    I have heard loads of good things about Mam bottles - apparently they are great for bf babies.

    Another suggestion may be to get your oh to do the bottle feed - sometimes your lo can smell your milk and get frustrated that he isnt getting milk from you but from a bottle.

    My dd got a little stressy the first time but i just put the teat in her mouth and she eventually took it - i think it took about 3 or 4 feeds before she took it.

    Good luck!

  • Not much help I'm afraid, but am watching with interest as I can't get my LO to take a bottle at the moment either - and I'm back to work in 2 weeks!

    You could try other teat/bottle combinations, that may help. My LO has taken milk from an Avent bottle with a Nuk teat in the past, so as you have the bottle and the Nuk teat fits it might be a good first port of call. I've also good things about TT CTN bottles, but it didn't work for us.

    We're going to be trying mam teats, Nuk latex teats and a cheapo bottle from the chemist round the corner in the next 2 weeks too image

    What I would recommend though, is that once he takes a bottle you get him to take a feed from it fairly regularly as I think that was our downfall. She did take the Avent bottles when she was a couple of months old and we thought 'great, that's that sorted then' and then didn't use them for a while. She's now 24 weeks and a boob addict...
  • hi, can't offer much help but ds (who also happens to be on sma soya, milk intolerant) was mixfed from 3weeks til 7months, we used the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles and never had an issue with switching from breast to bottle and back again, i had a couple of avent bottles (came iwth the breast pump i had) and i never even tried ds with them as the teat is completely different so that could be part of, if not all, of the problem.

    hth xx
  • lol at the boob addict my mum was saying tonight 'he's obviously a boobs man lol'

    Cheers for the advice lady bird, I seen the ttctn at toysrus the other day but wasn't sure so I'll give that a go and I'll try with other half too, funny you should mention about the milk smell as he kept, literally throwing his head to the side into me to get the breast, which of course I gave him as I didn't want to upset him
  • mmm wow baby I think you could be right, it sounds daft but when you compare the avent teat to my nips (lol) they are so unalike and the first time he did try to suck but they seemed a bit big for his mouth. Im going to get the ttctn tomorrow and give them a wee go tomorrow night
  • my lo wouldnt drink from a bottle, she just didnt know how to after breastfeeding. she is now 7 months and after trying EVERY bottle going she will only drink out of one- the MAM Ultivent bottle. AMAZING! i bought 4 extra!!

    with toher bottles they have to learn a new sucking technique, with these bottles its the same technique as feeding from the breast
  • I agree with *Ladybird*. We used the TT CTN bottles and my husband always did the bottle feeds. It can take a little time (about three weeks, if I remember correctly), but I would say be consistent (offer the bottle at the same time every day and if you can do it as part of a routine, that will be a bonus; we incorporated the bottle into his bedtime routine) and stay calm. The less stressed you are, the less stressed he will be.

    Hope that helps.
  • We really struggled to get Adam to take a bottle. We initially tried TT CTN, but Adam hated them...he seemed to be taking in far too much air.

    In the end we switched to Dr Browns bottles (which are fab) and hubby did the bottle feeds...although it only took a couple of days before I could do the bottle feeds too without Adam rooting for my boob.

    I would also advise that when you start doing the bottle feeds, try sitting with you LO facing slightly away from you so they are not pressed up against your boobs as much. This seemed to make it less frustrating for Adam...

  • Ive had this with my LO. My last baby switched no probs from breast to avent bottles. This time Lo was going mad and it was taking me 15-20 mins of him crying to take it. Ive switched to TT and he is a bit better with them,. He got to be taking a good amount 4-5 oz then stopped again, Ive upped the teats to number 2 and thats helped. What i have to do is push the whole teat down so there is like a moat round the teat and the teat is shorter, As soon as he gets it he starts sucking straight away.

    Gemm x
  • Just wanted to update and feed back to you Moonbeam...
    Tried the Mam teat two days ago and so far so good - they are FANTASTIC!!
    Monday I fed her with the bottle and she took it OK after screaming at DH for ages, then took one from him in the afternoon (although would only take it in the garden...) Tuesday DH took her out for the day and she took 2 bottles from him with no problems, Then this morning I expressed while she was napping and she woke up just before I finished, so DH fetched her downstairs and gave her what I'd expressed with me still sitting next to him and she didn't bat an eyelid - to be honest I feel a little pushed out!
  • aw thanks mrs ed for that how thoughtful of you to do that for me. I tried the ttc ctn and still no joy so am going to get som mam teats, am actually going to look on the net now after your recomendation so thanks again and i'll let you know if they are any joy and pleased that they worked for you too mrs xx

    lol at feeling pushed out as I sort of dont want him to go on the bottles too as no everyone (mils etc will start everytime I go up and i'll not have him all to myself!!!!!)
  • I used the Mam bottles with DD and loved them. She found it really easy to swap from breast to bottle.

    DS on the other hand will only entertain the tommee tippee ones. Children are sent to try us.....
  • lol mrs s i hear ya!! my ds1 swapped to bottles no bother. ordered my mam bottles from mothercare there will let u know lol
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