Question for mummy's who do a lot of walking.

I'm trying to find the best sling/carry system as I do quite a bit of walking with the pooch and would like to carry it on when my little bubba is born in october. I live in Wales and walk in the mountains or on the beach so a buggy is not really an option. Also, the weather won't be great over the winter and as I walk the dog every day, how will I keep the baby warm and dry?! There's so much to think about!!!


  • i dont do much walking but there is a lady,im not sure if she comes on here much anymore ,her name is bed head and she makes baby carriers and lots of people i know have them and swear by them , i once tried one on that someone i met had and it felt very secure ill try and find a link image ....where in wales are u? i live in north wales image xxx
  • I use a tricot slen baby wrap. I used it all the time with ds1 and again with ds2 - not so much at the moment cos of the heat but it is brilliant. I couldnt live without it. I have 3 dogs and for us walking 3 dogs and pushing a buggy was not an option for us with ds 1 and with the added stress of controlling a 3year old this time it was a godsend. I love the way you cn put it however you want depending on activity/baby age etc. Here is a link to give you an idea but I got mine a bit cheaper off ebay.
    I know you can get them from other websites as well. After the first couple of times they are a doddle to wrap around as well and keep baby and you toasty warm in the cooler weather
  • I would shop around and try some baby carriers before you buy. I have one and its a pain and quite difficult to put baby in it and put it on. Get a doll and try and attach and click them in.

    To keep baby warm i used to put lo in a snow suit and wear my winter jacket that i wore when i was pg and zip baby inside it!

    Gemm x
  • We have 2 doggies and do quite a lot of walking - we got the Baby Bjorn Synergy carrier and have been so pleased with it. It's really comfortable and has excellent back support and is really easy to use. It's also breathable so baby doesn't get too hot, especially in the summer. I also bought the cover that goes over the top, which is wind and water proof and is made from breathable fleece.

    NN xx
  • defiantely try before you buy, I walk our dog every day, and used it when he was small, but now he is 16+ weeks and a whooping 17lb, our one doesnt offer very good back support. Luckily I have a good all terrain buggy.
  • i cant rate mei tais enough. i still carry my 15 month old in hers and cant feel her weight so it would be ideal for walking in . also unlike things like baby bjorn carriers, baby can stay in this one for a lot longer as they dont dangle by thier crotch! baby will also keep warm from your body heat as there is no material between you and baby. easy to wear under a coat and the best bit is? they fit untill they are toddlers.
    the support is great, i have sever back problmes and can carry my LO for a good lenght of time without noticiing her and shes 27lb!

    where abouts in wales are you? if your in the north you could try my sling to see what you think?

  • We've got a napsack carrier which I find really good and easy to use

    But our buggy is also very good off road, I've not used it on a beach but its really good on grass.
  • Hi I have tried a couple of carriers. I had a front carrier but think if you are going to get one chose carefully try it on and weight it, I didn't choose well (a mothercare one) and it was really useful when lo was tiny but quickly she got to heavy (I don't think that this would have been such a problem with a better designed carrier) and as I have huge boobs she was pushed out so far that she pulled from my shoulders to much.

    I have a littlelife which she loves (we have only had this a few weeks my lo was just over 7 months when we got it and is really only just big enough but I have a friend who still used her daily with her little boy who until he was at least 28 months when she walked the dog.
    I now use a scarf carry my lo in short trips popping into my local town going into shops which are not very pushchair friendly.
  • Thanks so much for all your replies ladies, I really appricate you taking the time to reply as I'm sure you're all very busy being mums!! I will have a proper look at all the links you've given me as soon as I can, trying to pack for a trip away tomorrow, leaving early in the morn and didn't expect the footy to run over so late!! (Am half Dutch so had to watch!!) To the ladies that asked, I'm in mid Wales, thanks so much for the offer to try though. I will definately get a doll and hit the shops to test them out before I choose one.
  • I've put Amelia in the baby bjorn since she was 5 days old for all of our walking. She faced me until she was 3 months old and now she faces outward so she can see where we're going. She loves it. We did a 2 hour walk round Lydford Gorge in Cornwall last week and she was extremely interested. Fell asleep easily and didn't complain once. So I figure she must be comfortable.
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