We have a large family and therefore several family gatherings over xmas. The last three, our little one has been amazingly well behaved, and pretty much sleeps through or just sits on my or my husbands lap. However, in the evening she is really really unsettled and upset and has several very messy nappies. We have two more big family do's to go to, and im dredding them for us as well as her. I think the noise and unfamiliar sights/smells just freak her out. We've been really firm and not handed her round to be held, which has been hard but we just feel we have to protect her a bit.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Em x


  • Em, we have exactly the same problem!! I feel so mean not handing my son over for cuddles but its not them who has to deal with a very unsettled baby and dirty nappies!! Its also not fiar on the wee ones, they must be so confused by it all! I have to say i am really excited about the big family gathering on xmas day but am going to try and hold on to my wee one as much as i can and try and escape from them all to a quiet room to give him a rest from it. No other ideas what to do though, just wanted to say your not the only one!!
    How old is your wee one? My son is 13 weeks.

  • Our little one is only 7 weeks, so it must all be very confusing for her! Glad im not the only one. Will keep the day short i think and take regular breaks in a quiet room.
    Em x
  • I must have been lucky. Last xmas my son was 2.5 weeks and we had a pretty big family xmas we went to. He did get passed around a bit but didn't seem to mind at all, and as I BF he did get a lot of time and cuddles with me and his Dad, but he was very good with the noise and quantity of people.
  • If you think your lo is being affected by being handed around then by all means keep lo to yourself and take them off to a quiet place whenever possible. I was lucky my lo loved being handed around to all manner of people and at 10 weeks old I went to a baby shower and for hours that day I never got to hold her. But she just slept on whomever she was given to !
    Some babies like the hustle and bustle some dont, you know your lo best so do what you think is right !
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