hi....gabe who is 13 days old has a rash on his face especially forehead & cheek. it came up today and looks like teenage pimples! I haven't used products to cause it, just cotton wool and water when top n tailing. I havent even given him a bath on midwifes advice as the cord is still on!! Midwife is coming tomorrow to check the cord so will ask her but this rash looks bloody awful....any ideas?


  • is it red with whits centres like? a big rash or just several spots?

    it could be heat spots. my lo is nearly 3wks and i noticed a several on her body and was told not to worry they will go in there own time which they have.

    how many are there? is it a rash or more spots? xxx
  • Nah its just red, no white centres. Like little raised red pimples, quite a lot of them...its defo a rash but just looks like lots of acne pimples... It does look a bit like a heat rash now i think about it!
  • I know my LO is loads older than yours (he 18month) but he has just developed one on his tummy and the tops of his letgs like what you have described. I think it may be heatrash but i dont know. see what ur MW says. I'll be taking my LO to the docs if its there for a few more days! x
  • My lil boy had a red rash when he was a couple of days old it was on the back of his neck and he still has it now, its just a thing new babys get.

    But saying that when he was about a month old the rash went all over his head down his face and on his neck, i took him to the doctors and they said it was a virus and he precribed antibotics and it cleared up in a couple of days image Dont worry tho. My lil boy caught that from my friends baby :/
  • my lennon who is 1 soon also had a rash on his forehead at that age,reminded me of teenage pimples but it was just heat spots,hes quite a hot baby and i was prob puting more clothes on him than he needed as the weather was warm,i just put less clothes on him and they cleared up over 1 few weeks
  • When leo was that age he had a rash on his cheeks like a heat rash but i dont think it was i just thought with all the things that are new to them in the world after being tucked up safe inside your tum and the skin is so delicate it was just a bit of an allergy to the world, Leo's soon cleared up and he was ok.
    vikki xx
  • has hv been yet tiger lilly? what she say bout los rash? xxx
  • could it be a bit of eczema or the start of a bit of cradle cap maybe? my daughter had eczema when she was a few weeks old on her face and then it progressed into cradle cap, all her forehead was scaly, poor thing, i would get him to docs just to be on safe side x
  • Yeah she has been & said it is normal and just "baby acne" that can develop when they are this age. She used a medical term too but I dont remember it. Said it should clear in a few weeks, but god he looks so awful lol like a very spotty teen! Thanks for all the advice x
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