baby P

i told myself i wouldnt read any of the news on this poor little boy as he is the same age as Lennon and i could not understand how some one could be so cruel to do such a horrible thing!

i was at work tonight and was reading the paper,i read about 2 paragraphs in and was in tears,i have a fear now going through me about the pain that baby recieved and everytime i think about it i cry,how,how could some one do that to such a poor defenceless child who at the end of the day,and only because of his innocence probibly still loved his mum

how could that man do that,all those horrible things HOW! I wish i never read any part of it and i wish the papers would not print any more stuff,please just let the baby P rest in peace

i dont usually pray but tonight i am going to say one for baby P and i would ask any of you ladies to do 1 also tonight

my heart goes out to that brave little soldier

R.I.P babyP x x

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  • Hi
    I am in excactly the same position as you in that I read an article which I didn't realise would contain such graphic details.I couldn't sleep last night and all I could think about was that baby lying in his cot with no one to come and help him.
    It has made me feel so sick and very sad about how some people can be called human beings and yet have no decent bones in their entire body.

    What goes wrong with these people that they can be so numb and heartless to the needs of another human being - a baby.
    I warn anyone else not too read the details because they will be burned into your mind forever.
  • Thank you for posting this!this is just how i feel,i made the mistake of reading a newspaper article online last night which documented all his injuries and told of things that the strp dad did to him!i was in tears and cant seem to get it off my mind!my Benji is only 2mths younger than Baby P was when he so sadly died!everytime i think about it i cant help but imagine Ben going through these things which of course rips me to pieces...i agree now though its becomming all newspapers do and i dont always agree with this!like you i almost wish i never watched that first news report on this little boy..every other day,if not every day i think about it!the reports he atempted a smile for the sw even when his back was broken and he must of been in so much telling myself that enough is enough now!i cant stand to watch or read anymore its heartbreaking but more so because there really is nothing any of us can do now!!!!!!!!!
  • I too am finding this incredibly upsetting. I'm trying to avoid reading about it,, not because I dont care just because I find it too hard to read about. I read a little bit about his timeline of injuries and I was in tears. No-one in their right mind would do this. I really do hope this revolting disgusting creatures who caused his death get what they deserve. I just find it so heartbreaking,

    I see my little girl who's 13 months old, shes playing with her toys, cuddling me and her daddy, kissing her baby brother and I couldnt possibly bear to even lay one finger on her! I feel guilty when she hurts herself - something that she did herself!!

    I hope he is in a better place now, being shown love and care that he deserves.


  • Like so many others this story has affected me more than anything else!
    I swore I didn't want to see his picture but unavoidably saw it tonight on Panorama which I broke down in tears when I saw. He was just so beautiful....such an angel, How could any human being do this to him?????
    It just keeps playing over & over in my mind what he went through. I swear I would happily do time for those bastards!!

    I too will pray for that little boy. RIP little man, you desverved so much better!
  • Louise & Kade i asked hubby to turn that over,i couldnt bring myself to watch it,he was a beautiful boy and he deserved so much more
  • I know I wish I hadn't watched it but I just couldn't help it. I just wanted to help that little soul so much. It tears me up!!!!

    It also broke my heart to hear that it is 1 child a week (I think?) that dies from child abuse in this country alone!
    Why do people do this??? I just don't understand??
  • that is an awful fact,and its 1 a week too many,and i too would say to any1 who has not read anything about it NOT TO READ ANY it wil be with me forever
  • I've been trying to avoid seeing too much as it is just so upsetting.

    I also get angry about them slating social services and the people involved. I'm not saying that they did the right thing for the particular case but I'm sure that those proffessionals have helped many other children in the past. They have a huge lack of funding and if anything good comes from this is that the government look at how social services is funded and supported.
  • tallkatie2 please keep it like that,its most upsetting and i wouldnt wish that on you
  • I have tried not to read about it either...I can't believe how social services etc failed this little boy.

    It's so so sad. Rest in peace beautiful baby P xx
  • Like you ladies I have tried to avoid it but in the end I did end up reading about it, everytime I see that beautiful little face I just want to cry, I have cried so much becuase the thought of what that poor baby went through is just apalling, the fact that there were recommendations on several occasions and by several agencies to take him into care is just astonishing, why oh why was he left with his 'mother' I think it has affected me becuase Isaac is around the same age as he was when he died, I just cant imagine how horrible his life was all he wanted was the love and affection he deserved and it breaks my heart to think that he probably never knew what it was to have a loving cuddle, or for somebody to dry his tears. I hope and pray that he is at peace now and that the whole system gets a complete overhaul as nothing like this should be allowed to ever happen again. If there is any suspicion that a child is in danger then they should be removed from that situation.
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