For those that have had more than 1 baby...

I'm sure this has been posted before but for those that have had more than one baby (esp. those whose first baby was early) were your subsequent babies/baby born earlier than the first? I only ask because ds was born 3 weeks early and I worry my next will be even earlier. xx

Edited to say, I'm not actually pregnant, just curious as we plan to ttc late next year after we get married!!!

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  • Nope, my first was 10 days early so we were on stanby for number 2 from about 36 weeks :lol: lazy little sod didn't turn up untill 41 weeks though, I swear they were the longest 5 weeks of my life!!!
  • I was 10 days early so assumed my kids would be PAH! DD1 was 6 days late and DD2 was either 6 days early (by my dates bearing in mind I knew exactly when I conceived!) or 6 days late by scan date....
  • daniel was 5wks early but my second pregnancy (twins) they were 9wks early

  • Hi,my 1st son was born at 29 weeks due to PE,my 2nd son was born at 39 weeks+ 6 days!
    Good luck with ttc.x
  • Baby no1: 8 days early
    Baba no2: 5 days early
    Baba no3: on due date!

  • Thanks to all those that have replied already. Very interesting to hear that so many subsequent babies were later than the first.

    Bedhead, I can imagine how those 5 weeks must have been a very long 5 weeks!!! I had well and truly had enough by 37 weeks so to think some people are actually pregnant for 5 weeks longer than this (those that go 2 weeks over) seems unbearable!! I think I would be on standby at about 35 weeks next time with a hospital bag packed at 28 weeks knowing me!!!

  • My first was 13 days late and my second was 8 days late!
  • My dd1 8 days late after a sweep and dd2 6 days early induced
  • Baby 1, day after due date
    baby 2, 37+3 wks
    baby 3, day before due date

    gemm x
  • my first was 6 days early and my second was 14 days late and was induced or goodness knows how long he'd of stayed in there.
  • Baby 1 : 12 days early
    Baby 2 : 11 days early

  • my dd1 was naturally 9 days early. dd2 was naturally 2 days late! couldnt believe i went over with the second!!!
  • i'm on number 4 and the midwifes are expecting another early bubba.

    first = 36+4 wks
    second = 38+4 wks
    third = 35 wks

    but they were all relatively good weights for there gestations, so i think they come when they reach a certain weight, if i had gone to term with them they would have all been about 7 1/2lbs,

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