Small Question...

...When did your baby start to determine what was day and night?
My little lady is 4 weeks and I know its very early days and I don't expect her to be able to tell yet.Me and the MIL were talking about it so I thought I would ask the question.


  • As in sleep through the night or just not sleep all day and be awake all night?

    Dylan slept through from about 10 weeks (with the odd week where we had wakes for growth spurts etc) he only had about 2 weeks of being up all night and asleep all day, I took advice from both my mum and mil who told me to push his feeds on so he was awake longer in the day, we also made sure we did a bedtime routine from really early and when he did wake during the night we kept interaction to a minimum, very little light and no talking.

    He now sleeps really well but a lot of that is luck, I would strongly recommend a bedtime routine though.

  • I would also second the bedtime routine. We started Finley on a bedtime routine from about 4 weeks, he's just over 5 weeks now and so far so good! He seems to be able to go about 5 hours from when we first put him down and then it may be 3 hours after that. Last night he went from 8.15pm - 4.15am! We bath him, put him in his bedtime sleepsuit, i feed him in our dimly lit bedroom and then put him down in his moses basket and come downstairs with the monitor on. A couple of nights he has had little wimpers but manages to settle himself pretty quickly. It then gives me and hubby some time to ourselves before we head off to bed too. During the day we let little one sleep downstairs on his mat but keep day to day activities the same such as hoovering, tv noise etc and then bedtime it is quiet time and dim lighting. x
  • Maddie (5 months) is FAR from sleeping through, but she has always seemed to know that night time is night time (ie even when she wakes for a feed at night she goes straight back down, which she doesn't do in the daytime).

    I often wonder if it's because she was born at around 8.30am so her body clock "set" for morning.... probably nonsense!
  • I think that, by about this age, she should start to differentiate day & night.
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