Oscar used to wake up, coo to himself then shout for us to go get him. Now he wakes up screaming as if he's tired even though he'll have slept about 12 hours if overnight or 1.5-2 hours if napping.

Why? He's 10 months and the only thing I can think of is some form of seperation anxiety... He does stop if we go in but starts again if we put him down.


  • I have heard of them going through a phase were they think you have abandoned them and they forget you are going to come back so they get upset. Dont know what to do to combat it though sorry.
  • Barney nearly always screams when he wakes up, regardless of how much sleep he's had, I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea why though. Maybe Betty Boop is right and it's a form of separation anxiety, if it is hopefully they will grow out of it.
  • Max is the same as barney - always has been - not so bad on a morning now but HORRENDOUS after day time naps and it can take half an hour or so to calm him! :roll:
  • My DS does this after naptime, but not in the morning after a nights sleep! strange
  • Thanks ladies. Hopefully it is just a phase! At the moment because he sounds tired I normally put his dummy in, lie him back down and leave. He then fake sleeps - goes quiet for 15 mins so I'm just about relaxed and almost drifting back off when he starts chattering :roll:

    I'd be fine if it wasn't for the rude awakening and the mad dash to retrieve the dummies he's thrown out of the cot. It's normally too early in the morning for any kind of exercise :lol:
  • Does he have anything besides the dummy that could help comfort and reassure him? Frankie usually has a teddy when she sleeps and she seems to be able to self soothe using that. Not sure if it would work though.
  • He has 2 teddy's in his cot but he sleeps at the opposite end to them, no matter what end I put them. He just doesn't like cuddling things except mummy.

    He's not ready for the dummy to go yet. We tried but he started having tantrums that no one could calm him down from. They've stopped since we gave it him back - only to calm him down from tantrums and for sleep times though.

    I wonder if putting something in the cot that smells like me would work? May try it tonight
  • Oh I wasn't suggesting you ditch the dummy but sounds like he knocks them out the cot which frankie does too which is why she has a teddy. Try carrying a muslin round with you and pop it in the cot. Hopefully it will reassure him that you haven't gone far.
  • Ha ha. I put three in the cot with one on the headboard against the wall for him to find but he still does it! Think he throws them out rather than knocking them to be honest :lol: Or sometimes we go in and he's got one in his mouth and one in each hand!
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