Help please - blocked duct

Hi ladies- my right boob is soooooooo painful as I have a blocked duct (or 2). I had a hot bath last night, expressed in the bath, expressed after my bath, expressed in the night, feeding Archie everytime he accidently opens his mouth but to be honest he's getting a bit fed up now! I was trying to massage it but now it's so painful I can hardly touch it. image
Any thing else I can do??????
Please - I'll buy cakes all round if you can make it better......


  • Keep doing what you are doing, try feeding expressing at different angles.

    A cold cabbage leaf in your bra might help

    Mine took about 48 hours to clear. such relief!

    Hope it clears soon
  • Have to say though, massaging while they are feeding is the best remedy, hurts like a S.O.B. though, but it does help......
  • Your trying the right things,

    May be tmi but.............

    Look in your nipple and see if you can see any white spots - if so then pick at them or sctrach them to get rid of them. Then try expressing again.

    Once when I had this I could clearly see a white spot and then expressed about 3oz in 5 mins which was impressive for me!

    I've also found sterilising my breast pump and using it when still very warm helps too.

    You can also take ibroprofin to help ease inflammationa and help to stop it from being mastitus - an infection.

    Hope it gets better soon!

  • Thanks Girls- I knew you would help!!
    I have just spoken to my HV too and she also suggested alternating hot & cold.
    I think I can feel where the blockage is (about half way up boob not in the nipple itself) so will continue to massage. I hadn't taken brufen as I was worried about it going through my milk but will do so as don't want mastitis!
  • Can't think of anything else to add except that massage worked quite well, but hope it gets better soon. When I had it I think it took about 24 hours to feel a bit better and about 3 days to be completely gone. I had mine at a weekend though so got loads of rest while hubby did everything for lo xxx
  • hi, this is the worst pain ever isnt it- i had it wen lo was born in september- i couldnt move my arms without crying, in the end i gave up expressing. try placing a warm flannel over them then rubbing towards nipple with all of your fingers- quite firm but not really hard. it should hopefully feel better nxt 24hrs. xxx
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