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Hi Ladies,

We're going over to Ireland on Friday to visit my in-laws. We're flying Ryanair from Gatwick and I was wondering if anyone knows if they will let me bring a small (unopened) carton of ready made formula on the plane?



  • Hey hun iv just come back from Tenerife, not sure about the cartons but my lo has sma gold i brought the ready made bottles that they do they only had 100ml in each bottle and were sealed and the airport staff didnt bat an eyelid!! Hope you hav a nce time.

  • They made us open the cartons & taste them - ridiculous I know!
    Your best bet is to take a bottle of cooled boiled water, topped up to 1oz more than your baby drinks, so as if they ask you to drink it, there's still enough in the bottle. Then take the formula in a powder dispenser. We did this on the way back, and had no problems. x
  • Hiya hun,
    I fly all the time with Holly, we live in Ireland but are home at least once a month to see family. All airports are different on policy but they are not ment to ask you to take food or milk for lo's now but some still do! You can take milk or food for your lo, The easiest way I found was to take a bottle with water and then use a dispenser pot for the powder. Hope you have a lovely time in Ireland its freezing here lol
  • hey,

    you will have to taste the milk, how about phoning the boots gatwick airside to see if they stock your lo's milk - then you could buy it once you've gone through passport control.
    My brother had to taste some milk that had gone off as he had a bottle that had already been used to take through with them.

    hope you have a loveky time!
  • Thanks all. I have some powder dispensers so might try it that way as I would rather taste water than formula! image
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