Grace is 8 months old now and was wondering would she beable to have jam on her toast??? Im running out of finger food ideas but not sure jam is a good one to use because its so sweet?

Thanks for your help


  • I will probably receive bad mummy of the year award but I gave mine jam. My dd was about 10 months when she first tried strawberry jam... it was actually given to her by her great nan. How on earth does any mum so no to great nan image, and she loved it. She's 4 now and hasn't had any terrible repercussions... no cavities, she is only on the 25th percentile for her weight, and it didn't stop her eating other things. That being said I'm sure you could find reasons not too.

    On a savory note have you tried hommus? My three all really like it.

  • mine eat it but not that often, they also like choclare spred, marmite, peanut butter, honey, smoked salmon pate
  • Gabe has had jam, he's 7 months. It didnt stop him wanting savoury food! He wolfs down jam on toast but loved my homemade sweet potato and tuna mash so I guess it can't be too bad. He is steady with his weight too, on 75th centile but he has dropped from 91st at birth so quite normal!!xx
  • Ellies loves jam. You could also try lemon curd [makes me puke but dd loves it] peanut butter if no family alergies to it or nuts, cheese spread and im sure there are loads more but cant think of them right now. xxx
  • Yeah cheese spread is a good one my lo cant get enough of it!
  • Oooo thanks ladies might give her a little try then!!! Thanks for the other great ideas too!!!!
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