lump on bum

hi everyone,a wierd question for you all,ive just changed baileys bum (hes 4 1/2 months) and just outside his bumhole he has a hard round lump about the same size as a pea,wondered if anyone had any suggestions of what it could be,hes been abit grumpy today,didnt know wether that was to do with the heat or that he could be teething,now ive found that though am thinking its because the lump is painful,hes slept alot,and hes only done 1 poo,he didnt have it 2hours ago. any ideas????????? im baffled. becky xx


  • Could it be a skin tag? Has it definitely only come up in the last 2 hours?
  • yea come up in last 2 hours and its to hard for a skin tag,its a round rock hard lump,its literally just outside his bumhole,i really have no clue what it could be,he also got a pinprick red rash on his back,have done the glass test just incase,it dissapeared with the glass,checked his temp and that is 36.8 ,so thats ok,although will checkagain in 20mins.could a cist appear that quick?
  • I very much doubt a cyst can come up that quickly, could be a blocked gland but it is strange isn't it? You could always ring NHS direct.
  • mmmmmmmmm very strange,will keep an eye on him tonight then get him to docs in morn,thanks for your replys lopylass, i had to ask though im such a worrier when it comes to the kids!!
  • Good luck, doesn't sound too serious but let me know how the little fella gets on.
  • HI loopylass,just a quick post to let you know i took Bailey to see healthvisitor yesterday and she had a look at his bum and told me to get an appointment at docs straight away,so took him to docs lastnight and he informed me that the lump is an abcess!!! How he got an abcess on his butt i dont know,LOL.Anyway he is on antibiotics and i gotta take him back to docs next week to get it checked and if it still there then they guna arrange for him to have it drained.Glad i found out what it was,just hope it clears up so he doesnt have to have it drained though! becky xx
  • Poor little man, I hope it's not causing him too much bother. It's something to embarrass him with when he's older!! lol
  • ahh now thats a good idea,will have to write it down in his little book of firsts!!!! He abit grumpy today,but then again i think i would be if i had something down there!!!! LOL
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