Help ~ Baby wont be put down!!!


My little man is now 4 weeks old! It's probably our fault he is like this;

He just wont be put down and left to his own devices. It is such a struggle for me, especially as hubby is now working away 2 days a week, meaning every Monday and Wednesday we are totally alone.

This morning has been a nightmare!! Liam woke at 9.15am, his feed was due at 10.00am, so thought I would get up go down stairs and wash all bottles and sterelise from the night feed, change sterelising water, and boil kettle all in time for his feed! As soon as I put him in his rocker, he started crying!! Everytime I pick him up he stops crying after a few rocks and abit of sshhing! In the end I had to leave him to cry (which was horrible) while I did things. He had his bottle, and bum changed, and immediatly started crying again because I left him for a few seconds to throw the nappy in the bin.

I'm at a complete loss, what do I do? I dont want to leave him to cry as it sounds so cruel, our walls are so thin, god knows what the cow of a neighbour thinks! But I just cant do a thing, cant eat, do housework, or even go to the toilet without Liam crying his heart out.

We thought he had colic as it was generally on a night he would be like this, but the other was always there to sooth him! Could it be anything else?

Emma xxx


  • I dont think i'm going to be much help but to say that my lo did this but it was just one of those phases he went through and came out the other end of! I just left him to cry sometimes when i had things i needed to do and picked him up at other times. Everything feels like its never going to end but it does!!
    Maybe some others might have other ideas about what it could be! But for now I think your doing the right thing!

  • hey hun i know how u feel as my lo was exactly the same! I was so tired as he would only ever sleep in my arms and would wake every hour in the night to look around for me! We gave in and he started to sleep in the same bed as me just so i could get a couple of hours sleep!
    The days were also a nightmare i couldn't get anything done as he wanted to be in my arms! We decided to buy a sling so i could get things done! This helped loads as he was happy and i had 2 free arms!
    My lo is now 10 weeks old he sleeps right through the night in his own cot he settles himself by watching his mobile! In the day he is happy to entertain himself in his bouncer and swing. Im sure things will get much easier for u hun arthur detached himself at around 8 weeks! Good luck x x
  • I had this with my dd now 2 1/2 and vowed that it wouldn't happen again when ds was born but it did. As soon as he hit 4 weeks if he was awake he wanted carrying around. I have a theory that they become more aware of what is around them but are still too young to play and so they get frustrated.

    I don't have a magic remedy, I've heard that carrying them around in a sling while you work helps but I was worried about making a rod for my own back although other people seem to do it with no problems later. We found a dummy helped to settle him a bit if he was in his chair or on his mat but then he did have colic and sucking can really help.

    It might not be much help now but as soon as your lo is old enough to play then it will all change. Sebastian is 12 weeks now and finally he will spend ages on his mat or in his chair watching me work. It seems forever when you are going through it but it only lasts a short while.
  • I've nothing to add really, as I was going to suggest trying a sling. My lo comes into the kitchen with me in her moses basket & I find running water helps to calm her whilst I get at least some jobs done. Don't worry about what the neighbour thinks, babies cry! You have no choice but to leave him to go to the toilet, and you've got to make sure that you eat & keep your strength up, looking after a lo takes a lot of energy. As the others have said, it's probably just a phase that he will grow out of xx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.

    Going to go look at prices for a sling, so when he has one of these days I can still do things.

  • Hi, I think it's very normal for a 4 week old to need to be held and it might be better for him if you just give him this as he needs it right now, I don't think being held makes bad habits, it helps small babies feel secure. You could put him in a sling and then get on with everything you need to, I can hoover the house with LO in sling!!! Takes practice but you'll get there. Try a babasling. Also I found life got easier when I gave up trying to get much done or hoping to have any real control over times, it will probably be easier in a few weeks time but he's very young now.
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