holiday question....sigh!!!

apologies as i know these type of questions come up a lot, but i was wondering if we are allowed to take bottles of water through security with the formula powder in dispenser? or if i take ready made cartons will they make me open them? i normally just measure out the right amount of water and then add powder as needed as my LO takes bottles at room temp? was planning on taking 3 bottles in hand luggage incase of delays and this would save me having to reserve milk airside!

any ideas what would be best?


  • I would take water and powder as, although it seems to differ from airport to airport, I've usually had to open the formula cartons or leave them at security as I'd not enough bottles to store them. If there's a boots at the airport you're flying from you should be able to buy formula cartons once you're through security. And if you get caught short they usually sell the pre sterilized disposable bottles too.
  • We flew from Birmingham in May, and I had premeasured powder, a bottle of boiled water, 2 carton and 2 pouches/jars of food.

    The only thing I had to taste was the water.

    Em x
  • I got back from fuerteventura last week and went through security with 2 x sma cartons, 2 x bottles of cooled boiled water and powder. They just made me taste one of the bottles of water on the way back and they didn't make me taste anything. I did reserve some cartons airside though as I was worried they would take the liquids off me. I'd take some with you and reserve some just in case too. You aren't obliged to purchase them if you have made a reservation. xxx
  • Thank you ladies, i will take water, powder and a couple of cartons just to cover every eventuality!
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