What is this.....???

Hi girls,
I've noticed that my 3month old
has some White lumps on her gums?
One on the top of her gum and 2 at the

It's as if the gum is see-through and u can
see the tooth through it?

Been a first time mummy I have no idea
what to look for!? Is this teeth? Or have her
gums always been like that and I haven't noticed
? Or is it a ulsar!? Or something??

Please help?? There isn't a bump where the
tooth would come through the gum..it's more
right on the gum.


  • It sounds like teeth! It's quite early for them, but possible. My LO had his first teeth at 4 months and had those white bumps.
    Don't take my word for it though - ask your HV or Doc if you're worried. xx
  • Maddie had this more-or-less from birth and I was told by HV and GP it was thrush. As I didn't seem to have it and it hasn't affected feeding GP said antibiotics weren't necessary. She's now 5 months and still has a few spots but it's mostly cleared up.
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