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Hi i'm sure some of you remember me saying i thought max was intolerant and he saw dr loads of times etc well they only did a poo sample and said it came back he wasnt intolerant. How accurate is that do you think, how were your babies diagnosed? max is still same with crying, he's improved slightly or i'm just used to it now?? but when he has a feed he comes out in a rash all over his body and after an hour os so of feeding he screams for ages in pain. his poo has been like water from him being born? and he vomits alot sometimes lots sometimes not so much. Well were at hospital on monday to see peadiatrician, how can i convince them to give him a try on the allergy milk?? any tips?? reading your messages bout your babies just makes me think max is same?? thanks sara


  • Hi sara

    Diagnosis is a nightmare - my lo one had a big reaction to formula rash vomiting runny nose wheezing and I was still told it was a post viral rash - having not had a virus in the first place I knew this was rubbish. The next time it happened i timed it when the GP was open and took her straight in and refused to leave without a prescrioption for a non milk formula the gp I saw was different and was more sympathetic.

    However i was still worreid about other reactions and asked if she could be tested but was told no - just introduce other foods slowly!! She had breathing difficulties on 2mls of milk I was not up for trying new stuff at home so I enroled her in a reasearch study for allergic children at St Thomas's hosp in London.

    the leap study are exploring why some children grow out of their allergies and others don't. i took her along and they tested for nuts, egg, soya, milk and she had a big reaction to the egg skin test so i was very glad we were already in hospital!

    I know using your child in research is not everyone's cup of tea but the chance to talk to an allergy consultant and have a dietician and nurse at the end of the phone with the regular allergy testing has been worth it and she's growing out of both allergies.

    www.leapstudy.co.uk - very nice people!
  • hi love sorry the here he still haveing problems feeding just wont wish you luck for monday all you can is ask them or do the test again. Faith has bin reffered to a peadiatrion now she start being sick again she end up lossing 9oz in a week after 6 weeks of her not being sick. They might another reason for max being so ill with milk let use now how he gets on good luck
    carrie faith
    ps how long did it take for the referal to come though they said as she lossing alot weight it wont be long but not sure how long
  • took bout 2 weeks for max's xx
  • If he comes up in a rash he definitely is allergic,my baby only has a rash on her face or mouth if coming into contact with a milk and was diagnosed purely on that alone,all Gp,dietitian and a pedeatriatian agreed no furher tests were necessarry as the immediatte rash is 100% positive sign of a food allergy.Could you get hold of a comunity dietitian?She has a power to prescribe allergenic milk as well.Or how about feeding lo in a gp office so he sees him breaking up in a rush?Failing that,I would go to A&E.Good luck.
  • I had none of these symptoms but Ellie was never settled, ever! She would cry or whinge all the time, hardly took any milk then when she did she screamed. I aksed a few times if it was her milk the HV said no because she would've shown signs at the beginning of being intolerant....it took 7& a half months of me insisting there was something wrong in the end I went to the GP open surgery & asked the doctor for neocate LCP which I had been told by a friend of mine who's LO is intolerant to milk that this was the best one. I too said I wasn't leaving without a satisfactory respnse & something done!

    It's expensive & tins are tiny hence the reluctance of docs to prescribe them but the change in Ellie is immense. She is a different baby & I am so delighted that finally she seems to be on the mend. I remember reading your post about 'the baby that cries,colicky...' something like that anyway & thinking she's talking about my baby!!!! I believe now Ellie was never colicky & that the other problems that went on were all associated with her milk.

    I think sooky's idea of feeding the baby in front of your GP is a great one but have you thought about seeing a different doctor for a 2nd opinion? He may not be milk intolerant but could be allergic to some of the proteins in it which is what Ellie is....Good luck hon & let us know how you get on xxx
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