crying during feeds

After a slow start to weaning I thought we'd finally cracked it as Alfie started eating a decent amount and we were moving on to a more mashed consistancy rather than completly pureed, but for the last week or so meal times have become a complete battle. He just screams. He'll eat but he cries the whole way through unless I stop give him his dummy for a few minutes, then he'll calm down a little and eat slightly better.

I've tried thinning the purees again as thought it may have been the new texture, I've tried offering jars, changing the temp of the food, giving him his bottle first in case it was where he was too hungry but nothings made a difference.I've even tried giving more finger foods he can feed himself. It's getting to the stage where I'm just dreading meal times as it's so hrd work. The only thing he will happily take is weetabix, yoghurts and he likes to chew on toast soldiers, but clearly he can't have them for every meal. Where am I going wrong? Rhys was so different and I've never had a problem with him eating anything.:\?


  • I had a similar problem to this, but with bottle feeding only, as I haven't started weaning yet.
    I found out that my LO wasn't taking her bottle because she was just too tired and only wanted her dummy (we got rid of her dummy on Monday to help the situation), I always make sure she has a good nap before feeding her.

    So perhaps make sure Alfie isn't tired when it's feeding time...?
    Sorry, I'm probably not much help, but it's a suggestion.
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