Right my LO hasn't been overly well and is teething, he is now alot better but we've developed a problem, he doesn't want to sleep,

he screams when he see's his dummy as he knows that puts him to sleep and wont take it any more, Over the past week I am now the only one who can put him to sleep by pinning him in my arms and really rocking I look like a mad woman)

I'm really not a fan of controlled crying as I just don't like the idea of leaving him to cry, but he has now started this

He fell asleep in my arms so I put him down at which point he instantly wakes no matter what we do and starts screaming again. - but if you go to him or talk to him he stops crying and laughs............ I am certain he knows what he is doing!

I have tried sitting with him and giving him my hand, staying within his sight and talking to him he just carries on screaming when you pick him up he stops and laughs..........

I know he's tired and just can't knock him out at all, I don't mind him sleeping on me sometimes but not being able to put him down is getting silly! -

I know its only been about 10-15 days of this, it probably seems worse as hes been sleeping fine at night from 7-8 but now we don't get him down to closer to midnight and its screams all the way

We've also tried taking him for walks in the middle of the night and he is no longer knocked out in the pram he can scream the whole route.

Any advice?

Thanks x


  • Mybe try the pick up/put down method. Pick him up when he's screaming, then put him down after he calms a bit, then keep repeating. He might start getting fed up with that one more quicky as he's happy to scream away, so I'm not sure controlled crying would be right for him as you think he's turning the screaming on and off on tap.
  • I am kind of having the same problem in that my lo no longer sleeps for more than 20minutes in his cot and it's driving me mad!

    He has 3 sleeps a day and the 1st one used to be 20mins which was fine as it was only a couple of hours since he woke up and he was happy after etc, but now each nap he goes down if he is awake it takes him ages to go off and usually involves rocking/feeding to sleep and like your lo he will be instantly awake when you put him down! In the afternoons I have taken to going up when he wakes after 20mins and brining him downstairs and holding him until he falls asleep again and then just sitting in the chair with him and he naps for 1-2hrs! So I know he needs it!

    I am kind of using the rapid return technique, where each time I return to him quickly even if he is not crying and instantly if he does cry, I just go in pat his cheast and say "Sleepy time now" and leave. Trouble is he like your lo again finds this funny and just laughs at me!

    I am lucky in that (touch wood) he sleeps well in his cot at night.
  • Hiya hun x i had exactly the same with lacey after she has had the dreaded cold! but i did find that the pick up put down worked quite well, i think she just lost all routine and got very clingy cos she felt really ropey i hope he starts sleeping better for you soon xx and i hoipe he is feeling much better! xx
  • I used to feed/rock/cuddle Riley to sleep. Now I just put him in his cot (he then immediately starts screaming!) and just leave him to it for 5mins. He generally falls asleep after about 5mins of crying, usually with his musling over his face! He won't take a dummy, would be so much easier if he did! We've been doing this for a few weeks and tbh he's not learning to settle himself any easier, I think my lo needs that crying down period before he goes to sleep because even if I pick him up he still cries for a bit.

    You could try the shh/pat method where you leave him in his cot and just shh and pat until he falls to sleep. This is meant to help them to learn to settle themselves but it never had any affect with my lo, I couldn't shh loud enough over his screams and I never had the patience!

    Or have you tried playing white noise? I used to put the hairdryer on for Riley until I bought a white noise cd and it made him stop crying and fall to sleep. It began to stop working so much a month or so ago so I've stopped it now. x
  • I have the same problem, my LO will just not sleep during the day. In the morning - for his Daddy I might add, he sleeps no problem for half an hour on his pillow. After that, he is a nightmare, he'll snuggle in for about 30 seconds and then thrashes around until I let him lie across my lap - probably so he can see the TV!!

    He's almost 5 months, so I'm hoping it'll just be a phase! No advice really, but it seems every baby goes through the same thing at some point.

    I got a bit desperate the other day and lay in our bed beside him, he was out like a light and slept for a good hour - I napped beside him. Maybe it's a seperation issue? Babies are a mystery sometimes!!xx

  • well after my rant this morning I put him in his moses, he hasn't been in that for ages next to me on the sofa so he could see me left my hand in there with him and waited him out, it took 45 minutes and he finally literally sighed stopped crying and went to sleep.

    Then out today for the first time in ages he had his bottle and went to sleep.

    Then just now started his screaming put him in the moses, instant silence then 5 minutes later he was asleep!

    Lets hope this lasts!
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