is this due to teething?

every o often throughtout the day my lo makes this sound which is like a very strained moan like hes in pain its sort of like he pooing without the pushing effect hes going to the toilet fine no constipation or anything. could jt be his gums throbbing? has anyone else had this with there los?. xxx


  • hi, my six and a half month old son has been doing this recently. I'm certain he is teething as he is very dribbly, refusing solids and waking throughout the night. The noises he makes sound similar to the one you described- it sounds like a high pitched moaning, squeal as if he is in pain. It was quite bad today so I gave him some calpol and he seems better for it. He was very miserable before I gave it to him. I'm hoping the teeth make an appearance soon!
  • hes definatly teething coz e dribbles alot and got lots of bumps in gums. just wondered if this noise was him sort of moaning about the pain. its a noise from the back of his throat sort of a growly moan type thing. he is a little on the grumpy side at times over the past few days. i think its teething too but if anyone else has anything to add would appreciate it xxx
  • Morgana has actually started making a noise like that for the last couple of days, sort of a voiceless groany noise. I think it's her exploring making different sounds as she will smile broadly at me after she makes it. She is teething at the moment but the two seem to be unconnected, she doesnt make a sound when it gets bad for her, she makes it when she's playing.
    Oh and good luck on the teeth coming through soon, I thought they would never come through with lo as she dribbled and dribbled for months.
  • its definatly not a happy moan as he sometimes starts cryhing afterwards. and he sometime arches his back! xxx
  • OHHH Sam is the same. he is 6 months tomorrow and he is dribbling and curling his tounge over his gum. Keep putting teething gel on it. He really has been an uphappy bunny for the last few days - hope the tooth comes through soon. xx
  • so i can probably say its down to teething. he does seem to stop it for a while if i give him nelsons or calpol. just wanted to check it wasnt another pain that i need to be worried about. how long til this bloody tooth makes a appearance!!lol xxx
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