Where has my happy little man gone?

My poor little man has had two weeks of feeling grotty and i dont really know what to do. Everyone has commented - from his swimming teacher to his nursery nurses. He is always happy always smiling. Last thursday we ended up at the local hospital where it was discovered he had a bad ear infection and a chest infection so is on antibiotics but he is nearly at the end and is still so unhappy.

He cries but with his mouth shut so more of a moaning and it is almost constant. He has his two bottom teeth and i think it might be top teeth coming - does it sound like it - he always keeps his mouth shut but is ok with his food and downs his milk along with about 4fl oz of water a day.

He is 8 months next week and i really want the happy little man back. I have pretty much held him all day any hlp or advice x


  • Hi huni
    Sorry to hear Toby has been poorly, hope he's feeling well soon.

    Not sure really, my DD has moments of being grumpy when she's tired or being clingy lol. I think it's just normal hun and he'll be back to his happy little self once he's completely 100% better - plus this heat won't be helping much! xx
  • its been nearly 2 weeks of having a grump - what do you think the grizzling is with his mouth shut - oh and he is still sleeping through the night though hear him moaning but not crying?
  • I agree with the heat comment, but it sounds like he's moaning which to me indicates pain hun, which after him being unwell and everything its now possibly his teeth! Its hard that they cant tell you, Dylans constantly ear pulling which I think is his teeth as he doesn't have an ear infection but I have no idea really.

    The moaning at night Dylan can also do again my guess is either heat or teeth!

    Sorry hun im no help but I hope hes happy again soon

  • Madam does the moaning with her mouth closed too - I've put it down to teeth even though she's still a gummy bear :lol:
    I just think it's when they've got mouth pain so it could more than likely be his top teeth coming through.
    Poor things, it's not nice when they can't tell us image xx
  • Hiya, does he let you put your finger in his mouth to feel his gums? My little girl had an awful few days with teething recently. She was doing the mouth shut moaning and I couldn't get any gels in her mouth as she'd keep it clamped shut ... would hardly take solids for 2 days. Luckily she loves slurping Calpol off a spoon, she thinks it's yummy! x
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