Any recommendations please mommies?

Have got most things sorted for new arrival but still to get....

*Breast pump (manual/battery/brand?)

*Monitor (sensor mat/brand etc?)

Any advice please! xx


  • hi hon!!

    if i were you, i'd wait until you need a breast pump before buying one. hand held are about ??25 but available at all supermarkets, so if necessary, you can send your oh to get one.

    if your breast feeding is established, many mum's find it easier to hand express, and if you need to do it earlier, you might be better hiring a pump the hospital for the short term.

    you may find breast feeding isnt for you, then you're stuck with a pump you dont want!

    i had 2 monitors, and tbh, wasnt impressed with any due to the interferance. one was the ??20 fisher price which was dire, the other (replaced as was 7 yrs old) was a tomy walkabout, which was ok, but still not good.

    many girls on here have the ones with a sensor, but i dont know what they think........
  • I have the tommee tippee reassurance 8 sensor pad monitor & have used it for both of my girls & think its fantastic. Mine is 3 years old now & as far as I know they have brought out a more updated one since I bought mine but I know I wouldnt be without it & I'll definately be using it for my next baby too

    Good luck x
  • RE: breast pump - I would DEFINITELY not bother with a manual one - mine was a total waste of money and then we had to fork out for an electic one - DEFINITELY get a Medela one, these are what they use in hospitals - I got the Medela swing which was expensive but well worht it as this kept me breastfeeding and therefore saved us formula money.

    Monitor - we have a BT one - can't remember what it is called but it's great alwyas served us well. No sensor pad or camera as I think I would just obsess about it all!
  • I'm with Craftycharli, if you are going to get a breastpump then definately get a electric one. I also have the Medela swing and it is brilliant. If you keep it sealed up in the box you can always sell it on E-bay if you don't use it, they fetch a pretty good price.

    For the monitor I would definitely get a digital one. I had two analouge ones and the interferance used to drive me round the bend, the digital ones are crystal clear. I have two Phillips/Avent ones (one for each lo) but the Tomy ones are supposed to be good too.
  • Hi,

    We've got an Angelcare monitor with a sensor pad and its really good and the sensor pad is great for peace of mind.

    Have never had any false alarms with it either.

    Got a Tommy Tipee manual breast pump, but would agree with the other ladies that the manual ones are not that great.

  • As for monitors i just have a tixylix one from lloyds chemists not sure how much it is as it was a gift but its very good!! x x x

    We also have the tixylix one and it has been fine, no problems and we only paid ??7.99 for it so a bargain to boot!
  • i got the tixylix moniter when my other died and i hate it! too much interference, its always doing a buzzing sound, a couple doors down does the same (shame they didnt mention it before i got one)
    i agree about waiting before getting a breast pump, i have avent isis manual and use it way more than electreic, so im not having to sit near a socket, i have medela mini elec wich is also fab. xx
  • I've got tomy walkabout monitors and they are fine for me, though a bit crackly at times. But tbh my house is so small I can hear babies crying without it!

    I have a babysense breathing sensor too, but only because both my lo's would only sleep on their tummy- it's just for reassurance really, though we have had a few false alarms!

    As for the breast pump- I couldn't bf but wanted to express. I had the closer to nature manual pump and couldn't get anything much from it, so my health visitor leant me an electric pump which was great! But I only used it for a couple of weeks. I'd wait and see how you get on with feeding before buying a pump, then you can make a better decision. The electric ones are quite pricy to buy but prob worth it if you want to express regularly.

  • you're not gatecrashing. thank everyone for advice, any more ideas welcome! xx
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