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We are heading to Australia in Jan and im dreading it. We have been a few time before as my husbands mum lives there. We are stoping in Singapore on the way out and back. But im dreading the flights what am i going to so with Luke He will be 10 months then. Has anyone got any tips??? OR know any information about taking milk on board.

Any help much appreciated



  • Hi there!

    I've just returned from a 2 week holiday to the Pacific coast of Mexico (12 hour flight) with an 11 month old baby and it was fab!! I had been dreading the flight as she's so active but it was fine! We took a few different little toys and got them out 1 at a time for her to play with. We also finger 'walked' her up and down the aisles (when there was no trolley service going on) and where possible let her have a crawl around. The stewardesses didn't seem to mind and were actually really pleasant!.
    I filled her bottles with 100ml of water in advance and then got the cabin crew to top it up with hot water as and when it was needed. I did have to taste the water at security but only a wee sip!
    Try not to worry and just enjoy getting excited about your holiday - I'm sure your lo will be great!
  • Hi, I'm going to Australia next month with my 5 month old. Will let you know how it goes when I'm back! We're going via Dubai to break up the journey.
  • You're allowed to take as much water as you need in bottles for your baby - not just 100ml. I was advised to put in an ounce more than you need in each bottle, then if you have to taste it at security, you can pour the extra ounce into the the lid from the bottle and not contaminate the rest. Take the powder seperately and mix it as needed. We flew to Canada when our daughter was 10 weeks old and it was fine.
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