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Hi Ladies,

I'm staying with a friend over the weekend and need to get the underground to Victoria and then an overground from there. Does anyone know if there are lifts at Victoria? I'm getting myself all stressed out as I'll have baby, buggy & overnight bits for me and DS. Not so keen on using a buggy on the escalators so it will mean collapsing the pram and carrying my 20lb man with all my bags and buggy in tow.

Any positive stories about travelling in London with babies much appreciated too :\)



  • eeek!brave doing tubes with a pram! coul you take him in a carrier instead? When ive been on the train, i just call up the individual stations ill be using and see if the have lifts/ramps. Id do that if i were you. Good luck!

    Em x
  • As far as I remember Victoria doesn't have lifts. Have a look at to check for closures and times. I have to use the train, tube and bus with lo and buggy and it really isn't that bad. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help. You''ll find most are happy to give you a hand. Have a great weekend!

    Cat xxx
  • Check out the tfl website - it has details on all facilities at stations including where there are step free stations.

    Customer service should help too in planning a suitable journey across any transport type, even if it isn't the most obvious route. Try asking for an accessibility specialist - don't know whether they have them but there should be someone with the right experience and knowledge to help you.
  • No, Victoria doesn't have lifts from underground to overground. They have escaltors and then a flight of stairs from the underground ticket area to the overground station. But there will be loads of people around to help you - just ask if no one offers (which I bet they will!).

    Also I don't collapse the buggy for the escalators - I just roll the buggy on then hold the back wheels up so the buggy is horizontal/level. It's fine. Maybe I'm being lazy lol! Anyway if you do want to collapse it people will help you.

    I've been on the tube and trains in London a few times with LO and it's always been fine. He hasn't even murmured once cos there's so much to look at. People always offer to help. Go to the end carriage on the tube where there will be more room. Obviously avoid rush hour.
    Good luck!
  • I agree with Jezzy, I just roll the buggy on the escalator front first and hold up the back. As for the stairs its very rare that someone wouldn't offer to help you, I would start to go up backwards and with one or two steps someone would usually offer to help.

    Or you could have baby in a carrier and take the buggy already collapsed?

    Or is there someone who could travel to Victoria with you to see you onto the train? I usually make my oh come to Kings X with me when I am going to visit my parents even when he's not coming with us.

    Enjoy your weekend.
  • AAM, that sounds awful. I always try to get off trains and buses backwards as I am afraid of that happening.

    You are right there are definately a lot of very rude Londoners, Quite often I didn't get offered a seat on the tube when I was pregnant or now with lo in carrier and 5 yr old with me trying to hold onto her and a rail. Can't believe there were people who walked past without helping - thats disgraceful!
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