What groups do you go to?

Hello all! Trying to get rid of any negative posts, so thought i'd ask what groups you all go to? Do you go to baby groups, or music groups? We go to a group on a Tuesday which is fab and very friendly. Other than this, we go out walking etc and meet some of our other mum and baby friends. Was thinking of going to marakajaks or baby sensory. Does anyone do signing? I just find Riley naps so erratically that we don't go to anything which is routinely every week other than the Tuesday one.



  • I go to a baby group at the children's centre round the corner. And I try to pop in to Rhyme Time at the local library, which is great fun once you get past how strange it feels to sit there singing '3 Blind Mice' while people are changing their books behind you! I also used to do Baby Yoga which was excellent, but a bit too pricey to attend on a regular basis.
  • i go to a under 25s baby group on a monday and a normal babygroup on a thursday there really good, now some of the stuck up peple have left lol xx
  • Hey,
    We do a music group on a Tuesday which stars at 9:30 which is great but I do find it tricky getting out of the door every week before 9am!! Also do agree I feel weird singing and dancing in front of other adults but Alfie loves it and there are some other nice Mums and babies there so gald we go.
    We do playgroup on a Thursday but it's a bit awkward but make meself go!
    Then we do waterbabies (soooooo bloody expensive not sure we'll be able to afford it again) on a Sunday so oh has soemthing he can do with lo.
    Haven't found out about sure start but have heard loads of good things so think I should get involved.We also on wednesdays (not today obviously!!) our antenatal group get together for a natter and cake!
    Poz baby yoga sounds great not-are you in the London area? Wish we have stuff up here like that!xx
  • Hi I went to about 4 different baby groups when i first had my lo, but i now just go to breastfeeding support group (nicknamed boob group!) on tuesdays and used to go to one Wednesdays but now my lo is 9months he is too old for it as it only goes up to 9months! Have been thinking of taking him to the 9months+ group afterwards but it clashes as that is when he has his lunch and usual nap are.
    A group of us mums who met at babygroup also take turns hosting at there houses on thursdays afternoons.
  • i have just started baby signing on a fri and hopin to find a course for water babies soon. bee to em all. i love it and tryin to milk my last few months off.lol.xxx
  • I take Lily to swimming lessons on a tues and my mum takes her to the music train a locally ran music group a bit like Jo Jingles. Then I usually meet other mum's on a fri for a coffee or lunch.x
  • we do busy fingers tuesdays, musical minis thursdays, debutots fridays and starting baby signing soon, got a dvd and its bloody fab x
  • We have Boob group (LOL love the name!) on a Monday and then usually MIL for lunch after. Tues is baby group in the mornings and parents get tea&toast!! Wednesday is our quiet day, but baby clinic is in the afternooon for weighing. Thursday we meet with the other mums and babies from our aqua-natal classes and go to a pub for lunch. Friday is music group in the morning and then usually meet a friend for lunch
  • Swimming seems to be popular! We were going to do waterbabies but had to cancel in the end. You'll have to let us know how the baby signing classes go to those that are starting/doing them, they look great. xxx
  • Ohh we probably go to too much, lol. On Mondays its swimming lessons, Tuesdays its mother & toddler, Wed its another mother & toddler group, Thurs lunch with the other babies & mummies and Fridays we normally take it in turns going to each others houses for lunch. Saturday & Sundays are well deserved rest days, lol. xxx
  • we go to a mother and toddler group on Wednesdays. once maya is in nursery in August we will be going to the library group on Fridays as charlie is still to little at the moment and maya is to big
  • I've signed up for baby massage and just waiting for it to start. I go to baby cinema on a wednesday and it's fab. I go with a friend and some girls I went to pregnancy yoga with. Baby can play, cry whatever during the film and we all go for a coffee afterwards. Most cinemas do a baby session so if you haven't been I'd check with your local cinema. S x
  • hi, are any of u girls in the sheffield area? Me & jack just reem to spend all our time doin stuff on our own & id love for him to start interacting with other babies, if any1 knows of any groups in this area could u let me know, the signing sounds great. Thanks x
  • We go to an 'under 1s' baby group on Thursday, I love it. It's a surestart one. However the group leader changed the name of the group to "Under 18 months" cos all the babies turned 1 at once lol. Gabe is one of the youngest at 8.5 months! xx
  • Sounds like there are some great groups out there. I've been stuck indoors for 2 weeks now (almost 3!) with a bad tummy so not been able to go to any. So I think i'll have to make up for it when I can. xxx
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