Nostalgic kiddies programmes they should bring back!!

For me it's:

Sesame Street
Fraggle Rock
Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles (watched that every morning before school)


  • Raggy Dolls

    Did anyone else have an unhealthy crush on Pat Sharp (Funhouse, its a whole lot of fun, prizes to be won ...)? No? Just me then lol.

    *hangs head in shame*
  • Fraggle Rock and Dangermouse were 2 of my favourites but I also liked Chorlton & The Wheelies!!
  • oooooooooooon lots of memories are coming flooding back!
    also 'the shoe people' and 'puddle lane'
  • button moon, raggydolls, def!

    Stop it and tidy up
    no one remembers them apart from me lol! please tell me im not mad! xx
  • I don't remember any of these except for ninja turtles. I'm 20 so younger than most of you but I don't think thats why, to be honest I think it was because I never watched TV at all really until I was about 10. I used to watch videos but my mum and dad didn't really allow TV?!?
    My oh was obsessed with the turtles lol, he actually regrets giving away his turtles duvet covers and he is 22 what a loser! :lol:
  • Count Duckula!!!! OMG - I was actually scared of that! LOL how silly! xox
  • he man and she ra
    fraggle rock: on one of the sky kids channel
    inspector gadget
    gummi bears
    poddington peas
    family ness
    super gran

  • Thundercats definatly!!!
    he man and she ra
    Banana man
  • i loved stoppit and tidy up!!!
    any one remembew grotbags with emu?
  • wow yeah stoppit and tidy up i remember! also loved raggydolls. and noddy! xx
  • the magic roundabout with dougal the dog, oh and gumby. And i loved raggy dolls
  • ooh, i loved button moon and rainbow, oh and super ted!! lol. xxx
  • rainbow and littlist hobo!! xx xx
  • Ohhhhhhhh....

    Care bears
    Sesame Street
    Sotty and Sweep
    Teenage mutant hero turtals (not the new verson, thats pants)
    Not that I was a couch potato at all as a child. LoL.

    X X X
  • oh god where do i start !!!!

    bagpuss, button moon, the clangers, fraggle rock, poddington peas, rainbow, playbus, ivor the engine, mr ben, sooty and sweep, sesame street, the racoons, bill and ben, the herbs, tom and jerry, trap door (my fave)

    god i could go on forever!! i used to love watchin tv in the evenings, but if you have sky, i think boomerang have some of these on starting at 6pm til 9pm.... im trying to find old videos of these as i want archie to know what proper cartoons were, rather than the rubbish they put on nowadays !!
  • It's got to be BAGPUSS!!
    Never liked the credits as always thought they looked a bit creepy but I LOVED it!!

    Fraggle Rock (sprockitt the dog so cute)

    They don't make them like they use to!
    SOOTY,SWEEP N SUE(cantthink what it was actually called!I had an unhealthy crush on Matthew Corbitt,worringly i thought he looked abit like my dad!!!!!!!!!! lol)

    Later on loved that show where contestants wore a helmet and had to be diected through a game...Ohh ohits just come to me!
  • oh my god i sooo wanted to go on knightmare when i was young! although did anyone actually ever win anything on it? not that i can remember :lol:

    i remember greenclaws, didnt it have a metal owl in the tree, and a woman called Iris?

    One I used to love, although nobody i have ever met remembers it, was the Get Along Gang, with Montgomery Moose, Dotty Dog, Zipper the cat, Porsha the porcupine, and the absolutely best line in the credits - "Montgomery's the leader and he's such a good Moose..."!

    Clare x
  • Bagpuss was the best - and I believe new episodes are being made soon.
    Pigeon street was always good, along with button moon and the flumps.

    Trying to get them on dvd now so lo can be 'properly' educated on kids tv!!!
  • gatecrtashing from pg forum pickle did the getalong gangs moose wear roller skates and an american football shirt cus if he did i sooo used to love that and button moon god its so nostalgic reading all these shows tv used to be so good when i was young now the kids get bloody tellytubbies where they have to watch the same boring crap twice i so dont get it
    claire xx
    29 wks
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