where is everyone??? :cry:

well it seems so quiet on here today, maybe every1 has been staying clear because of everything that has happened recently, but i really want the forum to get back to normal, come on girlies- i feel lonely and miss u!!! image


  • I think everyone has gone to bed! :\)
  • yeh they prob have, lol im always on here this time of night as its the only time i get some peace, ha ha, but it has been pretty quiet all day when ive had a spare 5 minutes to pop on. xxx
  • I've not been on that much today. Been looking for a kitten! Its snowed again so I'm not leaving the house til it goes! image
  • I think everyone is avoiding it because of everything that's happened - to me that seems like the trolls won. I know everyone's worried about weirdos but if we stick to not giving out our personal details etc then there's no harm to be done, i think it's gotten a bit out of hand to be honest x
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