Big tyre buggies?!

Hiya girls,
I'm hoping I might get some advice from you lovely ladies! I'm trying to persuade hubby to let me buy a new buggie for the next baby. I have a M&P Ziko pushchair which is still hardly used and a Mothercare Urban detour(well used). It has the big inflatable tyres which I love but it's like a tank! It's so big and heavy. Does anyone have a big tyre buggie that they love or hate? So far on my list i have the Mutsy, Bugaboo, Britax vigour, The Mura, First wheels city elite, ok the list is endless but which ones are worth the cash! image

Cat 15+4


  • I love the quinny buzz 4 and find it really easy to manover as it has the 2 small wheels at the front.
  • Ooh I love the look the Quinny Buzz 4, it looks so much more stable than than the 3 wheeled one!

    Cat xxx
  • It depends what you want it for. If you want the big wheels so that you can use it off road then any of the ones with small wheels at the front are pretty rubbish. The exception would be the bugaboo as you can move the handle so that the big wheels are at the front.
    I've got a Bugaboo Chameleon that I had for my first and it is a fantastic pushchair, the only thing I have ever forund wrong with it is the price!! It is really light and easy to push, looks great and works pretty well off road.
    I also have a Phil and Teds which I use as a double and that is better than the Bugaboo off road. It's also pretty light, dead easy to steer and the seat will fit lo up to about age 5 so you should get plenty of use out of it. It also has the bonus that if you decide to have another you just need to buy the doubles seat and you've got a really good double buggy.
    My lil sis used to work in a nursery shop and she also really rated the Mutsy as an off road pushchair but I've never tried it.
    Hope that helps
  • I love my urban detour quantum, but you already have 1 LOL.
  • i have the Jane Slalom pro,- which is actually just about to go on Ebay - reluctantly!!

    my lo is now nearly 17months, wanting to walk everywhere, and now only really needs a buggy.

    i had this for my 4 yr old - was the Powertrack then, and i loved it that much i bought it again!!

    i find it easy to steer - fixed or swivel front wheel, and when she was in it, the car seat fixed directly to the chassis without the pram seat.

    i would recommend it to anyone - unless they had a Mini, as it wouldnt fit in the boot!!
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