Bumbo? Are they any good?

Hi everyone,

Have any of you got a bumbo and if so what are your opinions on it?

Isabelle will be 4 months next week and she keeps trying to sit herself up all the time and so I wondered if a bumbo might be the answer.

Are they worth the money and how long will they last?

Your opinions would be much appreciated!



  • They are great but i would say if your lo is 4 months she might be bording on too big for it. When they get a certain size they can get out of them, i had Ellie in hers from she could hold her head so quite early. i would try and borrow one if you can to see, some babies hate them, i have to say i loved my bumbo and plonked Ellie everywhere in it and she was happy but at ??30 a go they are expensive and as i say your lo is getting big for them. You could try e-bay for them as they go a lot cheaper on there. x
  • i bought my bumbo off ebay and i loved it so did my lo.. she used it pretty much from birth as she could always hold her head and she was sittin up unaided at just under 5 months and i think the bumbo was to thank for that. they are well worth the money but i agree with diane specially if she is already tryin to sit up i would just put a triangle pillow behind her bum to support her then next thing you know she wont be leaning on it anymore..
  • Hi i got my bumbo off Ebay for ??11 and hardly used it as my son hated it,as soon as i put him in it he threw himself backwards and was almost out of it so i resold!but maybe he was to old for it ect not sure,my sisters boy who is 2mth older than my son used it all the time so guess every baby different and its probably worth borrowing one if poss first or try Ebay for a cheaper one
  • i love evie's bumbo. we got it when she was 3month, and still use it now that she's 6month! every now and again she'll lean so far that it falls over (which is her aim anyways) so she can escape, but only recently. it's great to sit her in when doing any housework or if i need to eat or go to the loo. they are bloody expensive but for us it was a good investment. she only just starting to get a bit big for it, her legs are just a bit chubby so its a bit tight but she weighs 18lb so is big for her age! x
  • i love harris bumbo! i guy in the shop even came up ad recomended it coz his son had one. they are good til 14 months harri is nearly 5 monhs and i got mine a couple of weeks ago he likes it and it supports him very well xxx
  • Ruby loves her bumbo, and was sitting up in it from about 3months, it was a god send when i started weaning as she was too small for her highchair. I still use it now occassionally, but she can climb over the side of it now (she's nearly 8 months). It came in really handy if I was eating, washing the dishes or i was on computer as i just used to pop her in it and she would happily sit & watch me.

    The only downfall is the hefty price tag, i would try ebay to see if u can grab a bargin.

  • harri sat up quite early and coz his bouncy chair was to laid back he used nto get really ancy in it and we couldntconstantly hold him upright so the bumbo is a god send! good for feeding solids in too coz hes too small for high chair and good for in the garden
  • i had got a bumbo from e bay when lo was 4 months old he only went in it once as he discovered he could get himself out of it!!!
  • Morgana loves her bumbo, she has used it since she was 4 months old and is still in it every day (she is 7 months old) as she can't sit up by herself. She looks so chuffed when she's in it, like she thinks she's a big girl now.
  • i thought the were really good, millie loved hers but now she can get out of it i use it to keep my front room door open lol i got mine off the market for ??12 and now mothercare sells the same one for ??25 i think, x
  • I would def reccommend borrowing one first if you can coz as others have said they are expensive and not every child likes them. My dd loved hers, we used it loads. Reuben is't so keen he sits in it for a while but not very long tbh.

    I don't have much confidence in it either as they can easily wriggle out- it is handy tho to use as a highchair esp if you are out and about.
  • If you can borrow one first, that would be great. I think it just depends on the baby. My son didn't really like his, but my nephews loved theirs.
  • I borrowed one when my lo was just under 4 months. He loved it the first time, but after that he'd arch his back and push himself out, so very glad we never bought one ourselves! I actually don't know anyone who has got on with them for one reason or another.
  • Mine was a waste of money really, only used it for about a month. Was handy to keep upstairs though as I put Lily in it when I needed to get dressed or go to the loo...until one day when I heard a thud and found she'd escaped from it! I sold mine and won't be using one for Evie.

    If you could borrow one or get one really cheap it would probably be worth trying.

  • i would agree to borrow one - we got it off a friend who was clearing out and fin doesn't like it just gets frustrated cause can't reach anything, although friends babies loved them! x
  • Hi Mrs AJ, We got one for Neve when she was about 12 weeks, its been good up until now but she is getting bored of it and arches her back to get out of it - if I had known that she would only really be interested in it for this long I probably wouldn't have bothered.
  • mmm I think I may give it a miss. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has one to give it a try. Maybe I should just stick with her bouncy chair for now. Isabelle is a real wriggler and so I am thinking that she might be like a lot of your lo's and try and get out of it. Like you all said it is a fair amount of money especially when she might only like it for a couple of months or not like it at all. Thanks for all your opinions!
  • We didn't get one until George was 5 months. He's quite small for his age though. Worth every penny in our opinion. George is very happy sitting in his and its very reasurring to know he's not about to crawl away if i have to dash into the kitchen or to the loo! Ideal for taking out and about if you dont want to load the car with a highchair and bouncer.
  • Ok, well I know I said we would give it a miss but we were in John Lewis at the weekend and they had a Bumbo out so we sat Isabelle in it to see if she liked it and she thought it was great, so we bought one. So far we have just been putting her in it for a little bit at a time but she seems to like it. I thought that it will actually be quite handy when we start to wean her and we are staying at others peoples houses as it is quite portable.
  • definately borrow one first to see if your lo likes it cause my son HATES his i even bought one of the trays to go on it...well that was a waste of a tenner as it made no difference. Was a waste of money for me
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