Jade Goody :(

Read earlier that Jade has now been given months to live, how sad :cry: Her boys are going to be christened and she is getting married to her OH..... I didn't want to put my LO to bed earlier, could have kept her up for cuddles, really upset me to think she may grow up not knowing her mummy

Horrible :\( Hope she won't be in too much pain


  • I know it's terrible isn't it. Apparently, she was suffering from this since the age of 18, but it went undiagnosed as the GP's kept fobbing her off saying it's nothing to worry about. Imagine what they could have done for her if it was discovered then!
    And shitty people like Katie Price (Jordan) said that she's selling her stories to get tabloid attention and media interest, when that is the last thing on her mind. Katie Price thinks everyone is like her!

    Sorry rant over! xox
  • Apparently she openly admits to doing it for publicity and cash but so her boys have a future, not for the flash cars and houses....

    What has she been suffering from since the age of 18 cervical cancer? That can't be right. I've got my hubby sat next to me saying 'why feel sorry for her, theres hundreds of women dying from this' but it's not her specifically thats upset me, it's because it's so public it's made me think and brought it home....

    Does that make sense?
  • Mrs T I totally agree with your husband. Sorry I don't mean to offend anyone here but my mum died of cancer 6 months ago and Jade Goody didn't care obvioulsly so why should we all be worried about her just because she is famous. It is just because she is in the public eye that everyone is talking about it. Personally I think she should had respect for her children and kept it out of the public eye as they are going through enough without media attention. Don't get me wrong I really do feel sorry for her childen being left without a mum at such as young age. I am 28 and miss my mum awful but I had 28 good years with her and they will have a lot less. The thought of me going before Kara scares me.
  • Yeh its very sad but like mrs t husband said its quite true many women go through this every day without and attention think its just cos its in the media.

    Dont think she has it when she was 18 though otherwise it would have been noticed during her pregnancies i would of thought. I have read that she had a smear test before she got diagnosed that she ignored when it came up with abnormalities but you never know with the media!.

    Very sad for her boys and very scary for her but im sure she will watch over them xx
  • All I will say is I feel terribly sorry.

    I support all she does....god, who would blame her for making money for her boys.... wouldn't we do all we could to give support to our children

    It's so sad. I must admit to crying for her in the last few days.

    I was diagnosed with cancer last November, but god thankfully [ for me ] no where near as bad as Jade.

    Cant imagine my boy growing up without me.... I miss my mum everyday.

    I wish her a painfree next few months. xxx

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  • i too say its a good thing she is going public. i went for my smear yesterday after putting it off for months. Jades story frightened me into having it done. my mum too suffering from cancer , its a tragic illness x sending love out to everyone and their families who are suffering from this terrible illness x
  • i agree it's good that she's been brave enough to go public, i believe she has said one of the reasons she has gone so public with it, is so that young women are more aware of it and make sure they go for their tests
    As for people saying she's only doing it for the money and attention, well it's not like she's going to be able to spend any of the money herself, she's just trying to build a secure future for her children, like any mum would do, and does do.
    I cry every time I think about her poor boys, and they are so young they may not even remember her by the time they grow up, it's just awful x
  • I agree that she's right 2 do it publicly (sp?), it was on the news b4 that the number of requests 4 smears has gone up dramatically since jade's story started! I feel 4 her n her family but also 4 all the other women suffering from this horrible n cruel illness! I think the fact that cancer is mostly always suffered privately means that people find it easier not 2 think about it n 2 avoid smears etc but this story shows us just how bad things can be! God bless her n those lovely boys x
  • Ive never been a 'fan' of Jade Goody but the thought that she is leaving a 4 & 5 yr old behind is very upsetting from a mothers and a childs point of veiw.

    Like any sufferers I hope she goes without too much pain.
  • i just wanted to cry when i heard about it i feel the same for any person who cancer specially when you have children and as for her being in the limlight with it if it has made more young women aware of the importance of going for these smears then i think thats a good thing

    my heart goes out to her and her family and to other families that are going through the same
  • I'm with you brandollarz- didn't 'like' her but would not wish this on any family. I think she is very brave & strong allowing her journey to be shared- I wouldn't want a camera following me during such a crap time.

    So many lives are touched by cancer - I'm doing RACE FOR LIFE in May.
    If anyone wants to sponser me / cancer relief then go to raceforlife.com, click on support the cause, click on sponser a friend and search for kathryn mary rhian (thats my sis, me & my 10yr niece).
  • Its so sad....

    She is so young and with 2 young kids too....

    My heart goes out to her.....:cry:
  • it is very sad, and she is technically a "celebrity" so i can't imagine she could have kept it completely underwraps even if she wanted to. It IS going to raise awareness for the importance of smear tests and that can only be a positive thing.

    True - lots of people die of cancer everyday but Theres no denying how terribly sad Jades case is and the fact she is so young, with two young boys is hard to hear about without feeling very sad for the whole family. I actually think anybody who can say "why feel sorry for her" musn't have much of a heart!

    I'd feel sad hearing this story about anybody by the way - not just because she's famous.
  • I dont like her too much either. But no-one deserves to have what she has. The thought of leaving either of my 2 brings tears to my eyes, so I can only imagine how she feels :cry:

  • It is sad, and hopefully with all the media attention she is getting, will make other ladies get their smear test done.

    It's reminded me that I've not had one for years.
  • I have never been a fan of Jade, but no one deserves to suffer like she is. Her boys are so young and they need her, i feel for them all. I think by going through it in the public eye she has probably helped a lot of young women suffering with cancer. Even if its giving someone the confidence to go out when theyve lost their hair..she has helped.
    I am 24 and have never had a smear! when i was 18 i got a letter inviting me for a test, when i got to the clinic the nurse told me the age had changed to 21! when i was 21 i rang to book a appointment and was told they dont do them until your 25! x
  • I agree with everyone. (sitting on fence) Yes, it's tragic she's leaving her boys and that she will bie so young. But agree that there are thousands of people going through this and she is no different just cos she's a celeb.

    However I booked a smear test on Fri because I wa reading about her in the papers. Was supposed to have one before pregnancy and then post natally and still ahven't had it done so she has raised awareness if nothing else. S x
  • Hi,
    I am not a big fan of hers at all but just breaks my heart for the kids.
    I had borderline changes on my smear in September and was supposed to have repeat smear in January I have been told to wait until after I have my baby I am currently 33 weeks. Has anyone had a smear whilst pregnant am keen to have one sooner rather than and stressing a bit.
    Dani 33 weeks and mum to Luca 5 years
  • Not that she had cancer from the age of 18, but problems with her cervix and downstairs. She kept having irregular bleeding and other problems and after going GP's etc they fobbed her off saying it's nothing to worry about, when they should have checked her out further. It wasn't cancer at that stage, just troubles leading up to cancer. xox
  • I think it's so sad for her and her family, I think she is terribly brave to be doing it all in the public eye and if it raises awareness it can only be a good thing, good for her for wanting the money for her boys future, I would imagine that there are times when she has wanted to shut the media out and be alone but she is putting her boys future first becuase she wants them to have all the things she didnt. It would break my heart to know that I would not be around to see my children grow up, despite what alot of people seem to think about her I have always had the impression that she is a genuine person and a loving mum to her boys, she is a bit ditsy and says things without thinking but I still think she is a likeable person and it breaks my heart to think of what she is going through. I wish her and her family all the best and I hope she has enough time left to do some of things that she so dearly wants to do with her family.
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