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as i am no longer on maternity leave (classed as working), will my tax credits go up or down now that i am not working, all we have is oh wage coming in at 13250 per year, any comments would be great xx


  • yep it should go up, you get tax credits if the household income is less then ??15,000, so you should get tax credits to make your household income to ??15,000 a year x
  • if i remember this right - you should now qualify for working tax credit along side child tax credit i think so yes it should go up - i'm back to work in less than two weeks so thats what i'm hoping
  • im not i thought you had to be working at least 16 hrs to get working tax credit unless you on maternity would qualify for child tax credit...ring them, i have found them helpful in past.xx
  • thanks for replies. i reall yhope this is the case and it goes up.
    we currently get child tax credits and working tax credits, but im worried we will no longer get working tax as im not working and its just oh that will be working x
  • haha widge that was funny. ive had a look on that and gives me a rough guide, thanks alot.
    ive phoned them so just waiting to hear back from them...could take ages lol
    stefy&grace i was being paid from work, i cant find the gov page that says about taking ??100 off, can u link it to me please? don't worry if not though!
    thanks x
  • hi thanks for that, i managed to find it! i didnt know u could click on those, im so silly lol xx
  • I tried this and the calculator is not available for Northern Ireland. Typical. I would love my husband to reduce his hours and try and get working tax credits as I would like him to watch Kara when I return to work but I think when I queried it before we still wouldn't as I work full time and earn too much so I am over the threshold.
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