Lo feeding ME!

Charlotte has started trying to feed me - lol!! It's sooooooo cute!

She does it either when spoon feeding or finger feeding. She's just having a snack now and crawled over to me stood up against me then put the biccie to my mouth so I could have some. She does this a lot now with her food. i love it!!



  • Bless! how cute!
  • That is so lovely, bless her! Alf tries it with his dummy but I think he's just trying to shut me up!!! x
  • Aw bless. cole does that sometimes ..just what i want, a soggy handfull of food! He took a bite of hubbys egg sandwich the other day and didn't like it so spat it out and shoved it ino my mouth before I could do anythign about it lol!
  • That is cute, lol!! When we go down Ohs nans, Gabe tries to feed her dogs his food. Hasn't tried to feed me yet, but he does try and give me his dummy lol xx
  • i know what you mean i used to love it when maya and justin done this but there is only so many sucked crisps and biscuits one person can have shoved in there mouths. as this is what mine always done x
  • She's showing you she loves and cares about you! She doesn't want you to go hungry lol. Kyra puts her dummy in my mouth! I did child psychology and when they do things like that, it shows they are developing their sympathy skills and learning about other people's feeling etc. xox
  • Yummy mummy your post brought a tear to my eye!
  • awh! bless! they are all so sweet, i love it when ellie does this is really is the cutest thing!
    the other week when we were in her dad's he & i were having tea and she was taking the veg off his plate and shoving it in his mouth to the point where he couldn't swallow, chew or speak...was great! xo
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