Blood Test for my 9 m old


My 9 1/2 month old has to have a blood test on Fri to check her food allergies. Has anyone experienced this and how was your baby? I have to go on the children's ward and Im worried it wont be very nice. (also read only 50%accurate too).

Any experiences shared appreciated.

Thanks Inka xxx


  • Oh Inka, sorry to read this hun. I don't have any experience or bloody tests for allergies, I only ever had skin prick tests myself so I hope someone else can help. Let us know how it goes, I'm sure it'll be fine, take care sweetheart x
  • My little one had a blood test at 6 weeks old. They took blood from the back of her hand. I wont lie, it was really horrible, but mostly for me. She didnt seem to be in pain, but it was quite messy. I think with an older one, they difficulty will be getting them to stay still! The docs we dealt with on childrens ward were GREAT! The nurses were hit and miss but in my general experience of docs and nurses this is usually the reverse! The wards were very nice and child/parent friendly. Good luck, its not nice, but its soooo worth it!

    Em x
  • The boys had blood tests for their allergies a few months back (im guessing about 9 months though). Again, I wont lie. It was horrible. Theyre much more aware at this age and they screamed, but only for about 3 or 4 mins. Ryan was easier as he was simple to get blood out of but Alfie's eczema was so bad they really struggled so his was more difficult.

    Weve had the results, which have all come back clear. However, the paed has still recommended we keep them off dairy until theyre 1 and has made another appointment to talk through milk challenges at 13 months.

    HTH...and be there with lots of cuddles xxx
  • Lizzie was meant to have hers done last week but they messed up the appointments and now she is going to been seen on the 20th of this month. I have been told lizzie will be having skin prick test but to also expect blood test and also at this ages the results can be inconculsive. what allergies is your LO being tested for??
  • Oh wannababy - I was going to post and ask how you got on. Thats horrid, getting worked up for it not to happen. Sorry hun xxx
  • thanks. it was stressful- i thought they had me booked into southampton (as did they and the doctors) but they didnt they had me booked into the isle of wight and i couldnt get there!!
    so now luckly all is rebooked and i have managed to get more time off work!
  • Thanks for messages everyone (Couldnt find my post yesterday and thought it had been deleted!)

    Anyway she's having them as she's had suspected milk allergy/intollerance since 4 months. She's on nutramigen and it's great.

    Since weaning we have had a few incidents, (including family giving her butter which resulted in endless diahorea and severe nappy rash) and I think they think its time to check her as Ive been told not to give her fish, eggs etc. They are checking milk, fish, eggs, anemia and others I think but Ive read its only 50% accurate so what do they do if it comes back negative not going down the screaming feeds again shes had enough!

    She coped well with injections and things to date as i think early months of being in pain have made her tough but if it gets bad I'll just stop it x

    Thanks Inka xxx
  • im glad you have been told about eggs! i wasnt!!! i was told not to give her fish til she was 9 months (still only 8 months) but wasnt told about the eggs and omg she swelled up was covered in hives and it was very scarey!! and that was from half a weaning spoon of scrambled egg most of which she spat back at me!!
    lizzie is also on the nutramigen milk (with lipil now,lol) and it does smell but you get use to it. do you use soya milk to cook with?
    also you can get a dairy free spread called- pure, you can get it from tesco and its next to normal butter. i use a small bit of it to mash potatoe with.
    when is your lo having the tests?
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