why is it that my hubby cannot wash up properly?? at 24yrs of age!?

i'm sick to death of going to put the "clean" dishes away after he has kindly done them - only to find that the bottoms of the pans/plates/dishes have got foody muck caked all over them, and forks have crusts bits of food still stuck on them.... one side of the chopping board still clearly dirty....

i've told him so many times, if your guna do it, do it properly, not just a dunk in the water then onto the rack - ive said it nicely, ive tried pointing out the dirt still left on things, ive told him the nasty way.....

but he STILL cant bloody do it!! i end up re-washing the whole lot. it's gross. arrrgghhhhhh


  • lol my hubby is exactly the same! it drives me mad cuz means i have to wash up all over again! x
  • We have a dishwasher so don't have that problem...... BUT when he empties it he still puts everything in the wrong cupboard!! He's always asking me so I sometimes ignore him and then I can never find anything!! MEN!!
  • I think they do it so that we will get fed up of a poor job and not ask them again and just do it ourselves!! Like my oh when it came to changing nappies. He would take FOR EVER, and it would usually fall off again, or leak 'cos he hadnt done it properly. So i stopped asking him! lol! x
  • this is their attempts at doing it so bad that you eventually just start doing it.,....

    IMO just tell him to do it again, put it all back in the sink & when he asks why, say, "well it isn't clean so do it right first time then you wont have to do it twice."

    Trust me, this is just man ploy for getting out of doing it so dont play into their trap by doing it for them.

    It took a while by my oh finally realised that he wasn't going to be let off cause he was doing it wrong, only that he would have to do it twice.
  • the thing is, ive actually told him - BEGGED him infact to not do the dishes anymore as id rather do it myself the first time round, and he still bloody does it to be helpful bless him!! glad to hear he's not the only one though. it's as though the only part of a pan that needs the sponge going over it is the inside, never the rim/handle or bottom...!? why is that!?
  • Like children - hahahahah
  • oh babe - I feel for you.

    lol - my OH refuses to do the washing up. But I now have a dishwasher so its all good 8\)
  • We have a dishwasher too but does DH EVER put anything in it - no of course not! I went away for a couple of days and came back to find all his dirty dishes stacked neatly on the surface beside the dishwasher all going mouldy and gross! If he can stack them neatly beside the dishwasher why can he not actually put them in it! Maybe it was the bending down that was the problem image
  • My oh is the opposite, he rinses everything off first so he ensures there is nothing stuck to them, and then puts it on the side to wash up properly, this drives me nuts, why can't he just wash up properly the 1st time. Or he just rinses it off and leaves it on the side for me to wash up - aghhhh!!
  • my eldest son was naff at washing up, i would have to re do them, in the end i washed them all exept for 1 plate,fork,cup ect and put his dinner on it and gave him yuk cutlery, worked a treat,lol he is now a perfect pot washer image
  • we have a dishwasher, but the oh just puts the plates on teh cooker or on top of the dishwasher too lazy to bend down! Although her has the cheek to tell me I havent loaded the dishwasher properly and I could fit more things in if I rearranged it! Ive given up telling him as its more hassle and stress. Sometimes he will do it.

    Linzi...maybe your should give him a dirty fork /plate to eat his dinner off. I know its disgusting but he may get the hint eventually! My hubby is really picky and checks his knife over etc before eating!
  • My oh drives me mad we have a dishwasher but he cant stack it properly when he does it he never gets in as much as i do and half the dishes come out with stuff still on them grr but when i do it and stack it properly i get double what he fits in and the dishes come out clean lol
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