Self-feeding with a spoon?

Gabriel is 10 months and he seems very keen to self feed with a spoon. He grabs the spoon and puts it in his mouth the right way up as well, and he cries if I don't let him have a spoon (I've never let him before - I know I probably should have done but the mess thing freaks me out so much!). He needs me to load the spoon for him but he does the rest himself. I know I should give him a spoon, a suction bowl thing, with a splash mat underneath, but I'm sooo scared about it!!!! I can't handle mess like that! I am sat here in yogurt-splattered jeans as sometimes he likes to shake the spoon - It's hard to stop him as he's got such a strong will now.

When did you start encouraging your Lo to spoon feed themselves?

Oh yes & Gabe's been finger feeding for 4 months now and quite proficient at it,xxx


  • You just have to bite the bullet and accept the mess I'm afraid - it's going to happen!
    I started letting Charlotte spoon feed herself when she was 13 months (so only recently). She just did it one day out of nowhere and surprised me!!
    I give Charlotte a spoon as well as I'm feeding her with mine. I don't have a suction bowl yet i just hold the bowl or yogurt tub in front of her so she can have a go. When finished I leave a tiny bit left and leave her to it. I bought a box of disposable mess mats from Mothercare and they do the job. Plus coverall bibs are a must.
    I'm sat here with socks and tracky bottoms covered in choccie pudding so you aren't alone!!
  • Hi hon, I give Oscar a spoon now, otherwise he grabs it from my hands! I put a little food on it so if it does go in his mouth it's worth it! Horribly messy but I'd like to encourage him to feed himself as soon as he can as he's quite an independent little soul anyway.

    So I'd say go for it. Give him just a teaspoon full in a bowl of his own to start with if you're worried about the mess and gradually increase it as he becomes more proficient at it!

    Good luck!
  • I do the same as ccbmommy. i give her a spoon while i'm feeding her
    She mostly chews on it and flicks food everywhere but she manages to get some in her mouth.
    I'm afraid it really is a messy business!
  • my lo has wanted to feed him self from about 9months which has been a pain as it took so long to feed him and it was very messy. i gave him a spoon aswell to keep him happy. learning to feed themselves is very messy but its all part of the learning i have a mess mat to go under him when he has messy food but ohterwise i dont bother you will just have to learn to love the mess lol image they need to learn and thats the only way....

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