Question about teeth!

Hi Ladies

I think Lyvi is cutting her first tooth - I say think because as she's my first baby I've never seen this before!! :lol:

Anyway, my question is - how far back in the gum does the tooth come out? Three days ago I could see and feel a teeny, tiny little white spike which is getting bigger (wider) and isn't so sharp now. It's her bottom, middle on her left side but it is quite far back in her gum. Is this normal? I had a look at another baby's teeth a few weeks ago at our baby group and I am sure they were right at the front of his gums :\?

Thanks, NN x


  • Raffertys teeth came through about 3 weeks ago and his seemed quite far back his 2 bottom teeth were only 2 days apart and they have grown from tiny spikes into quite long teeth very quickley and now they are all the way through the gum they look more in the centre as opposed to being far back, HTH
  • Thanks for your reply! xxx
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