FAO Webed

Dear Sir/Madam,

I think you will have your work cut out tomorrow morning when you get into work.

I would just like to say how utterly disgusted I am on only finding out this weekend that this site is not monitored and controlled over the weekend.
The rubbish that has gone on here since Friday night is astonishing.
While I am aware that people fuel the fire by posting, it cannot really be helped when certain people can be so offensive and others are trying to defend themselves or help others.

You had assured us last week that the person in question had been removed, however, clearly it is quite simple for them to return with another profile.If you do not have the capability of blocking an IP address, how are you able to run such a forum responsibly?

I am sorry for the abruptness of this message, however, I do feel very strongly on this subject as the situation has spiralled way out of control in just 48 hours.

I will be leaving this site and going elsewhere, where I know the posts are monitiored regularly. This is a real shame as I have been a member since finding out I was pregnant in 2007 and the site has been of great comfort and help to me throughout my pregnancy and since.

I would like to suggest that you take these points on board and perhaps address the fact that you do not have a moderator working at weekends. In particular, this problem is made worse by the fact that this ste is linked to Prima Baby where you must have thousands of readers joining. Do they really expect the frightening language and insults on a forum that have gone on this weekend?

I thank you for taking the time to read this post and I would appreciate a response and guidance as to what you think you can do to prevent this from happening again.

Yours faithfully,

a very let down member (joined in pregnancy in 2007).


  • totally agree with you, don't know if you've noticed that i've stayed away too and have been using a different site...feel totally let down with this forum x
  • maybe a weekend moderator is necessary as the troll seems to only come on at weekends
  • Thanks Queen Bee (xx), i stand by the complaint though as i really feel the site should be monitored practically 24/7 when it has such a big profile being linked to Prima Baby and having the massive sponsors that it does.
  • Thank you. xxx
  • totally agree with you being totally disgusted Mrs E - I wrote a message to web-ed yesterday evening in website suggestions yesterday. It's such a shame that this has happened to BE.
  • I would help too as I do really want to carry on using this site, as I have been put off lately. I find everyone so helpful and would certainly love the troll banished!!!

    PS... IP - I am totally not a computer expert but my comp always turns on with a diff IP address..... I see this via the account activity on google mail ........
  • the thing is that if they loose members then companies wont want to advertise so much so they could loose money.
  • the thing is that if they loose members then companies wont want to advertise so much so they could loose money.
  • Thank you all for your posts concerning this matter. We are very disappointed to hear that further posts have been causing offence, however, unless you tell us which posts, we can't do much about them.
    It would be impossible for the small team that runs Babyexpert.com to moderate the site 24/7. The suggestion that some of our users would volunteer to moderate over the w/end is a very kind and thoughtful one, but it would be very difficult to set up and maintain on a regular basis.
    The 'report to moderator' button is there for that purpose, and we do regularly check the email inbox to see if anything is being reported. BUT we have had nothing reported to us over the last weekend. We can, and do, ban users' IP addresses when they have consistently broken the codes of conduct on Babyexpert.com, and this usually works, however it's not impossible for them to re-register using another IP address.
    We can only urge you to stay with the site, which has a lovely and kind user base for 99% of the time. Ignore inflammatory, offensive and abusive posts by simply not posting a reply, and just report them to the moderator.
    Thank you all for your patience. If you can notify us of the offensive posts' location on the site, via email please at [email protected], we will take the appropriate action.
    Alison, Wed Ed.
  • Hi webed i did report it through the report to moderator link but i had an email saying it couldnt be delivered.

  • And also because of this a lot of us ladies are getting very wary of newbies or people we don't recognise so they are being offended by our "curiosity" as to who they actually are. So in turn we are being turned into the villains here when we are actually the victims!
  • OK thank you to those who have tried to send us a moderator report - we are investigating why it doesn't appear to be working properly. Please don't worry and carry on talking to the users you know and trust. Can re-assure you all that we will get to the bottom of all this and sort out the abusers who are causing upset. Alison.
  • I reported on 1 of the posts too, so to say you haven't received any is a lie.
  • Hi webed. I reported one and I know for sure another lady did too. Its the one katie mentioned where someone reminded a user tht she had a still born who is due to give birth soon. I didnt get an email to sat mine wasnt delivered.
    If you seriously didnt receive any emails or reported messages, then the 'report to moderator' button needs to be sorted out IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise people will loes trust in yourselves as moderators. Knowing that anything they report isnt getting seen to.

    I preferred this site over another site as its a proper lil community. I wont be leaving to go to another site. I will just be treading careful. Its a shame the new comers arent getting the best treatment because of certain people abusing the site and users.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into this issue webed,.
    Thanks xx
  • Webed, can it be suggested than a member of your team check their emails on sat eve to see if anything has reported. This would be better than nothing at all, all w/e.

    Im sure this certain user is quite aware that the posts dont get moderated at the w/e, which is why s/he is posting then.
  • I reported to and didn't get any email saying it hadn't worked. I've also written a message to yu web ed under website suggestions - infact there are 3 in there all about diff things, none of which have a response so i'm wondering how long you look in there?
  • Hi Beebee. Not quite sure why you think we would lie about not having received any moderator reports? I can assure you that the first thing we did this morning was to check the reports inbox, which was empty. There obviously is a problem with the moderator button which we are looking in to, and have reported to our techies, as a matter of urgency. In the meantime it would be really useful if you could email us at [email protected] with details of the relevant threads. Thanks, Alison, Web Ed.
  • Thanks for getting back webed. I will go and do just that. image xxx
  • Thanks webed. I have also sent many messages on report to moderator and they just come straight back saying - cannot be deliverd!

    OMG I cant believe someone would say that, we really need to be assured that moderators and looking into this as its disgusting.
  • Thank you Webed, however, I too sent over 10 reports over the weekend and none of mine came up as not delivered, hence me saying that you would have had a busy morning thismorning!

    As webed, can you simply read all the posts that have been set up over the weekend, some being obvious that they were set up for the troll.

    Said person came on as 5leaf and then something else at some point. The language and insults are awful and you will have no problem finding them!
    Then perhaps, remove all those threads and address the moderator button problem.

    I would imagine that you had so many reports, it jammed the system up!

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