chicken pox again!!!!!

my daughter has chicken pox for the second time!!!! she had it as a small baby and now has it again the poor little thing is covered in spots !!!


  • I didnt think you could get chicken pox twice? I thought once you had it you had immunity?
  • no some people can get it more the doc was telling me today it s normally the people that get it as young babies get it again
  • I can vouch for that, I had chicken pox at about 1yr old and then I got it again on my 30th birthday!!!

    God I was sooooo ill arrgghhh!! :x
  • my god that must have been terrible as they say adults suffer badly with it
  • Oh god I nevee knew that how awful;. Especially at 30 too! I got the dreaded scars of my pox two fo which are on my sodding nose!!!
  • Oh your poor little girl. I had heard that you can get it twice especially if you had it young, I am a bit worried now as Isaac was only 7 1/2 months when he had although he did have it quite bad (he still has some scars) and the hv said he would be unlikely to get it twice as its normally the ones who get it mildly first time that get it again.
  • Oh poor little lamb, am dreading Kade getting his first illness!

    Hope she starts to feel better soon xx
  • yeah faith had it at around 6 months and she only had a very mild case of it , luckly she seems fine with it she has been better han she has all week
  • My 5 month old was exposed to chicken pox at the weekend. My sister's lo got spots 2 days after they were together so I'm playing a waiting game at the moment!
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