Pram advice please...

Hi girls,

Just looking for a bit of advice please. We're looking for a parent facing buggy for our 10 month old. We've just received the kurvi 4 pram but lo's head is already touching the top so sending that back.

I've been on the internet and saw the maxi cosi mura 3 which looks great but all the pics show it as either facing forward or parent facing with the car seat only. Does anyone know if the buggy can be parent facing with just the normal seat? Also, what is the shopping basket size like?

Any reviews of this pram or any other parent facing buggys would be much appreciated!




  • The Quinny Buzz can be parent facing, but only in recline position.

    The Bugaboo Cameleon can also be either way, and I think there is a more upright position when parent-facing.
  • i have bought the mamas and papas skate for my lo due in april, that can face towards you as a pushchair and i sat my large 2 year old in there to test out the size and he fits fine. but it is quite pricey. i'm sure there's a few other mamas and papas ones that face you in pushchair mode too xx
  • The mura can be parent facing with the pushchair, you just unclip the seat unit to turn it around.

    The shopphing basket is ok, but its more of a shelf as opposed to a basket, as its open facing the parent, however you can cram a lot into it.

    I really like the mura, found it a really good pram, and it was great in the snow!
  • older mummy - I have the Buzz - it faces parent in recline and upright.
  • Our ICandy Apple can face either way in any position. It also has a lovely large shopping basket and an extendible handle which suits my 5'4 Mum and my 6'5 husband!!!
  • I have the Bugaboo Bee and love it xx
  • Our Mothercare MyChoice can be parent facing. x
  • older mummy - I have the Buzz - it faces parent in recline and upright.

    Thanks for that. I have the Buzz and mine only has flat and reclined when parent facing. Doesn't go anything like as upright as when facing outward. Didn't realise it was supposed to upright too, have had it over a year! Might try taking it back to JL in case there's something wrong with it.
  • i have the icandy cherry and that is parent facing as well as world facing. also, the m&p pliko switch is
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