Poop Question

Is it normal for LO to have a little black in their poo?????

My first instinct says no but I just thought I would ask on here before I ring the HV.

The rest of her poop was a mustard / light mustard / kaki colour and then underneath was a little sludge of black. Over all her stool was quite hard (softer than playdo, more like window putty). She does drink water (well diluted baby juice).

Just need some advice.

Thanks girls

PS and Sarah 17 weeks


  • is she weaning?
  • If weaning it could be to do with that mrs, OR your bfing aren't you?? coul dbe that you had higher than normal iron intake the past few days?? Reece had cabbage last night with his potatoes and his poo was pure black today!!!!!!!! think I'll reduce the cabbage intake lol
  • No to all girls, She is on formula and I have not started weaning yet.

    She just had another poop and it was back to normal though.

    still I will keep my eye out for any more

    Ooh jsut a thought could it be bonjela doing it???
  • I've not seen black poop before weaning but if it's back to normal then I'd just leave it and see if it comes back x
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