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haven holiday parks

Has anyone been?

We could go for four nights for under ??100. Obviously not our fantasy holiday getaway but it's a few nights away. We have a 18wk old.

Would you recommend them?
Is there enough for us to do with a very little one?
Are the caravans manky?

Thanks x


  • yep we have been and really enjoyed it ...the caravans that are cheap are just basic ,we paid 18 pound for the weekend and it was ok not dirty but just bog standard .....were goin too in june and im really lookin forward to it .....there isnt much to do for a young baby i dont suppose but there is swimming pools in nearly if not all the resorts and their is evening entertainment which i love as it makes the evenings fun ,also depending on where u are going there is usually nice towns and beaches nearby for day trips out ....the parks have lots of things for older children ,our lo jack is 3 the week we go and will get lots out of it but sophia will be 4-5 months or so and probably just love swimming ...which one u going to ? have a lovely time xxxxxxxxxxx
  • YES!! and we love it!! obviously i would much rather have a holiday abroad where i could lie on a nice hot sunny beach but with lo's thats just not possible image
    we went to haven twice last year 1st time Tegan was 7months and the second time she 11months, she loved it. we took her swimming, into the soft play area, she was happy watching us play in the arcade as there was so many bright lights and she also enjoyed the evening entertainment.
    1st time around we paid over ??200 for our caravan for 3 nights and it was gorgeous, 2nd time around we done the ??10pp deal from the paper and we stayed in standard accomodation, it wasnt dirty but it wasnt the best. we did complain about it though and got vouchers for one of the onsite food places xxx
  • were looking at the primrose valley site in yorkshire near filey.
    Would you recommend paying abit more for a better caravan?
    Do the caravans have baths, as Lo is on a strict bedtime routine.
    With the caravans only having gas fires in the lounge, do you think it would be warm enough at the end of March?

    So many questions!

  • im sure your caravan will be fine and if you get there and dont like it then you can always ask if you can upgrade to a better caravan. the caravan we stayed in didnt have a bath but it had a really powerful shower, was lovely, i just sat tegan in the bottom as it holds a fair bit of water and washed her that way.
    when we stayed in the caravan in may, the weather was really hot in the day but of an evening and throughout the night it was really cold (we had a small radiator on the bedroom wall aswell) so id recommend you take warm pjs and extra blankets just incase.

    what are you planning on putting your lo to sleep in? as we took a small travel cot for tegan but had to put it up in the living room as it did not fit in the bedroom so one of us had to sleep in living room with her as i didnt want her being left alone in a place she didnt know.

  • hi, just gatecrashing from pregnancy! we are going to primrose valley on the 27th March for 4 nights, we have not been to that particular site before but our friends who we are going with have and they really like it! Apparently it is right near scarborough which is meant to be really lovely!

    We have stayed in a haven camp before in wales, we really enjoyed it our daughter was only 18 months then. We went with a deal from the paper, the caravan was only basic but it was clean and comfortable and we managed just fine. There was no bath though only a shower, could you maybe take a baby bath with you? As for the heat we went in april and it was fine but you could always take a little plug in electric heater to take the chill off any room before you put your little one to sleep.

    i would reccomend it though and we are really looking forward to going again, maybe we will see you there, just look for a heavily pregnant woman and a mad 4 year old!!

    Nina 36+3 xx
  • yeah but only when i was a kid.
    we are taking our three away for 2 weeks to france
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