Hi Ladies,

We've just started giving our DS all 3 meals and I just wondered, do you give your LO a pudding after lunch and tea? I gave yoghurt after his lunch and then a petit filous after his tea.

Also, what healthy puddings do you give. At the moment, it's rotation between petit filous, custards, fruit purees and yoghurts (the little yeo ones). I'm just concious that I'm stuffing him with unnatural sugars which I don't want to be doing too often.

Thank you as always for your advice and suggestions xx


  • we give puddings after lunch and dinner as hes not a great milk drinker at the mo, i usually offer a dairy pudding either fromaige fria or rice pud at one meal and fruit at another usually a fruit pot with some fruit to pick up and try to eat, this usually goes on the floor hence the fruit pot :lol:
  • I usually give Sara fruit sticks as finger food, occasionally fromage frais, can't give her yogurt yet as there's nowhere that sells the baby-friendly ones over here - on that note, what age can we give normal yog?

    It is hard, I've had a look at the 'plum' range and they do a few bits and pieces that seem quite natural (haven't looked at the label yet though!)
  • I believe it's 6 months when they can have every form of dairy x
  • mine have fromage frias at lunch time and a fruit puree (normally hipp or organix) pot after dinner. DS1 at 2 years enjoys brown and yellow custard now!

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