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Hope you and babies are all well

Isaac is 4 wks tomorrow (where does the time go??) and just wanted to know when to start doing tummy time. I do lay him on my chest, i've done it since he was born. So he can lift his head a little.

So when is the best time to start and how long for?


  • You can start tummy time whenever but until they have some head control it doesn't do much. At 1 month tummy time on your chest is fine, he will be encouraged to look at your face. You could always try a few minutes and move him if he gets distressed. I did tummy time from 2 weeks and Abby can now lift her chest up at 12 weeks. I always pick her up if she seems tired or upset but the time spent on her tummy has increased gradually.

    H xx
  • My lo hated tummy time until she was about 3/4 months old. However I didn't realise that lying them on your chest counts, as does putting them across your lap - both of which they seem to prefer than just plonking them down on the floor!

    Apparently tummy time is so vital to their development that you should try to do it 8-10 times a day, even if this is just for 10 seconds or so at a time.

  • It's fine to start now. I can't remember when I started it with Beth but we used to go for little and often, I would put her down on her tummy several times a day and just move her as soon as she got upset. At first it was only 10 seconds but it gradually got longer. It really seemed to help her and she was quite quick to lift her head up and then to roll.
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