Alternative to bread!

my lo has been having a sandwich for dinner for the last week. I had a shock however when I read that it has 0.4 of salt in one slice!! So is there something similar I can give her with less salt in?


  • the healthy choices tortillas might have a bit less, but can't see it being by much, u coudl always invest in a bread maker and bake ur own? x
  • Yea we are thinking of getting a bread maker but we were going to ask for one as a Christmas pressie!!!!
    I guess 0.4 is'nt too bad cos all of her other food is home made and salt free
  • i know. It's shocking isn't it. All bread type products have loads. I sometimes make my own garlic and gest flatbread which has no salt but am also thinking about getting a bread maker. Just dont know where would put it as they are pretty big i think. X
  • What about going to a proper bakers and buying proper bread, it wouldnt have as much salt in it. You could ask them how much it has in it.
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