FAO MrsJbourne - Introducing MY husband :p


I took this picture about 10 mins ago!

He's coming roung at 9pm and then he said he was coming to yours Weds and staying until Sunday and then coming back over to mine.

I have booked the plane tickets and a lovely holiday for Sean, Dave, Kelsie, JJ & Jack. I just need JJ's passport :lol:

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  • mmmmm garfeild do u reckon he will have time to visit me in between u and mrs j??? could do with a hand getting this baby out :lol: :lol: (lisa turns the laptop away from dan )image xx
  • LMAO!!!!!!! where are the guys off to then? hehe ;\) x
  • Ermmmm NO!! He's too busy with me!! You'll have to find someone else to help with your pregnancy problems!!

    Maybe Jenny can spare him, but at the minute I have a job or two to be getting on with :lol:

  • They're of Disneyland!! Thought that would keep them entertained for a week or so!

  • omg i hate people that cheat but wow i wouldn't feel guilty for cheating on Sean with him....thats sooooo bad isnt it image arghhh mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

    (actually i probably would feel guilty but mmmmmmmmmmm)!!!!! lol x
  • ooooo dishy, are you sure you can't spare him hubbys going away with work on thurs for 2weeks i'll have plenty of jobs he could do lol xxx
  • now cmon garfeild its only fair to share u know :lol: :lol: oh and just to make it clear im not a hubby stealer but u know desperate times calls for desperate measures image :lol: .....hmm not that id need to be desperate he is ............mmmmm...say no more ****lisa drifts off into a daydream and tells dan he needs to start attending the gym to get a body like that ******* xxx
  • awww soooo hot will be watching supernatural tonight yummy xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Mmmmm (sorry cant help myself) I love watching him doing this

  • I'm the same Jenny, but think I could make an excuse!!

    1st baby - I'll ask him tonight and see what he says! He's good at jobs ya know, very clever with his hands :lol:

    Lisa - You can have tomorrow night if you want. Cos you wont be there!! You'll be in hospital having your blue bump! Oh dear, shame, looks like you miss out after all!

    Hate to brag but my OH has a 6 pack image

  • well im sorry to tell you this girls but Jensen says he won't make it to yours tonight coz he's coming to mine, hehe! but i'm willing to share!!! Phwoar - he's sexy!!!! xxxx

    (also turning laptop away from hubby,lol!)
  • :lol: :lol: roch i really hope ure right , i mean as much as i dont want to miss on his helping me out if it means my baby will arrive i think i can live with it just this once ......image oh and dan has a 6 pack but it lives in the fridge :lol: :lol: xx
  • How hot is that video waterbaby?

    I love you loads for sharing that! Its on repeat :roll: OH NOT happy :lol:


  • Oh Garfield that really isnt fair, 2 men with 6packs xxxx
  • right girls....prepare for an eyegasm... :lol:

    this is what i woke up to this morning :lol:


    oh and just a random one from when were dressing up one day ;\)


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • I cannot believe you'd rather have a baby than f*&k Mr.Ackles :lol: I'd swap him with Dave anyday :lol:

    Turning away from OH too!!

  • umm thinking of lovely men i LOVE james marsters spike from buffy grrrrrrrr
  • oooooo my mouths watering at that jenny (pass the bucket) lol xxx
  • i was told to keep this quiet but thought i could trust you lovely girls to keep a secret....i had Jensen and Jared at the same time :lol: x


  • ohhh you lucky girl!!!
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