Jonathan's Locband **UPDATE**

I cant find my original post but you may or may not remember me posting saying that Jonathan has severe plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and as a result his ears/eyes etc are out of line, although he is still gorgeous image

Well, we have now had the locband for 1 week and already you can see the difference on his little head. He doesnt even realise he is wearing it and is very happy with it on.

I have added a link to a picture of him wearing it, as when I post pics they never work!!

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know how well he is doing image

Jen xx


  • Hey,
    Have replied once and it vanished so fingers crossed!
    Didn't see your previous post but had a conversation with a mate as she is really worried about her little girl so reading this is great!
    How long will he need to wear the band for? Is it till things 'right' themselves or for a set period? He's such a cutie-can I see the BE famous Jumperoo in the background?! Got my friend addicted to theJumper when her and her little girl came round today!
    It is really lovely to come on here and finally read some lovely, happy news. Well done you and Jonathan!! xx
  • I remember reading your previous post- I'm glad that he's ok with the band and that it's working for him- as Mum to 1 says it's always nice to read good news on here. image
  • Hi
    I also read your original post as we've been concerned with our ds's shape head for similar reasons. The hv's at the clinic advised laying him on other side/sitting him up/using car seat less etc - it seems to of made a big diff, but its not fully "rounded" - they reckon this will come in time!? Something we will address again with clinic!
    SO (waffle over) i found it VERY interesting to read up on the locband & thank you for sharing it with us!
    Sarah xx
    ps - for some reason i couldn't view the piccie
  • Fab news hun. Riley has a flat head worse on one side. Am really hoping it'll get better on it's own, but will keep an eye on here for how your LO gets on. xxx
  • Mum to 1... it certainly is a Jumperoo... he really is a little too big to go in it now but he loves it so much I cant bear to take it away image

    We tried repositioning but it didnt seem to work. There is no set time frame for him to wear the Locband, it could be anywhere betweeen 3 - 6 months bbut hopefully as things are improving already then he wont have to wear it too long.

    Not sure why you cant see the pic!

  • i cant see the pic either, not sure why.
    im glad the band is working for him and not bothering him! hope it works quickly so he doesnt have to wear it too long
  • I have changed my avatar for those that cant see the pics!
  • He will need to wear it for 3-6 months but his head shape has started changing already.... its unbelievable! You build up the time they wear it each day and it is now on for between 22-23 hours out of 24. He doesnt even notice it is on apart from when he whacks his head with a hard toy and thinks ooooo that didnt hurt so he does it again hehehehe
  • He really is a little cutie-love your new avatar! He looks so happy! Alfis is but I never seem to catch it in a photo he's sooo busy wondering what I've got in me hands! x
  • He looks so happy in his pic! What a cutie x
    My OH & i have been discussing Dylan's head shape again & we're wondering if you got referred by your doctor or did you find out about this yourself?
    Sarah xx
  • Hi Sarah, we didnt get a referral we did this off our own back, the consultation was free with no obligation to go ahead with so if you are worried at all then I would recommend seeing them as they can tell y ou if it is sever etc. Our HV's just said his hair will grow and you wont notice it! If you look at the link I gave you up top and look at the head shapes, our lo's head is the same shape as the the 1st baby but it was worse then that and as I have mentioned, we have noticed a change already. Any other q's please feel free to ask or email me etc.
  • Hiya, firstly what a gorgeous little boy!

    can I ask how much the locband cost?

    I'm really worried about my daughters head, HV & doc take no notice of me at all. When she was born by cs (breech) they cut her head quite badly - still trying to find out what happened as not in notes or anything and she had a hat on when they gave her to me in theatre, she's 15 weeks tomorrow and has a bald spot from the cut (don't thinkl it'll grow back. Anyway because of this (i think) she always sleeps on her right side so her head is flat on one side and her forehead isn't even, I keep trying to reposition her but she just wont have it!
  • Thanks Holly image

    Sure, it cost ??1950, this includes the locband itself plus all cleaning fluids and as many check-ups etc that are needed. It may sound like a lot of money but to be honest, if it fixes the problem then it is a small price to pay.

    Jonathan's forehead was not even but it has improved so much already, it was very prominent one side.

    There are lots of places that do the locband but they are all called different things. The place I go to is in Kingston. Where abouts are you? They do have 2 clinics and there are other places such as starband and cranio helment etc, here is a link to some
  • its great that he is happy wearing it (love his smile btw) and fab that its working already!

  • Thanks Spritefm,

    That is a lot of money but I agree totally worth it when it works, I'm in Blackburn, Lancashire.

    The manager of the nursery my eldest goes to has a little boy 3 1/2 and he had plagio, she couldn't get her doctor or hv to take her seriously either, she went private and got her little boy a helmet I think he was around 11 mths when treatment started, following your post I was talking to her about plagio and she told me she wrote to her local nhs trust and got her money back (??3000) she said her sister from sunderland I think got a leaflet about plagio and repositioning at birth, and it should be common practice, also that concerns were raised from early on and advise wasn't given. might be worth thinking about.

    Thanks for the link xx
  • ooo thanks for the bump... hadn't seenyour reply!
    I agree that you should be told about plagio as I didnt know anything about it. Not so sure I would get my money back as they dont even think its anything to worry about here.... they told me oh his hair will grow and you wont notice it!!!! Anyway, back for another check-up on Friday this week so I will keep you updated. I can really tell the difference already, its fab!
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