can someone recomend

a baby rocker/bouncer

atm Emily is in a cream one and its doing my head in hand washing it.

Can someone recomend one that isnt too expensive that I can take the covers off and machine wash them.

thanks ladies xx


  • oh and one that ISNT CREAM or WHITE!! thankyou xxxxxx
  • Ive got a second hand Fisher Price Kick and Play one and the boys LOVE it still (at 10 months). Mine is blue but my friend has a very similar one in pink and they are simple but one of our best buys/borrows!

    However, we also have a red Fisher Price one (ill find out the name in a minute) and its AWFUL. The covers dont come off and the boys hate it as they cant bounce it easily and it doesnt have a toy bar so is quite boring (it has a mirror but not good if baby wants to be bouncy and hands on like my 2!)

  • Not so good one is a Sensory Selections one?? (Dont know as also borrowed this one)

    There are lots of good FP ones on Ebay that are in good condition, if you dont mind second hand??
  • My mumu has got this one - I wouldn't use it for a new born (although I think you can use it from newborn as it has head support), we put Benjamin in it from about 2mnths & he much prefers it to the uber-padded all-singing, all-dancing one we got. And it's fully machine-washable!

  • ooops, started to reply ages ago then got way-laid by bedtime - didn't see the not cream/white bit...sorry!
  • Anoter vote for the fisher price kick and play. My LO is 9 weeks and she loves it. She kicks her legs and laughs like a loon - and doesn't mind that its blue!

    I got mine second hand for a tenner, the best ??10 I have spent.
  • I have a mama's and papas one, its pretty basic but the covers come off so easily and wash really well. it is cream though...image
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