FAO mummy heather.

just wondering if the docs gave you any reason why matthew was crying so much? did they shed any light? xxx


  • Hi. Thay didnt really find anything wrong with him. They think its down to his teeth so we will soon find out if any pop thru! x
  • oh well at least he isnt poorly or anything! has he been better today? we have the same play ring. does matthew like his as much as harri???
  • Nah matthew doesnt like his much but i cant get the damn things to go over the top of it to stay up! they keep snapping in the middle. GGRR!!! xx
  • i didnt bother with the gym bit just the ring, harri quite likes his xxx
  • iv got one of these too - Joseph hates it! the top bits keep falling over so i took them off but he cries when i sit him in it! i use it to keep all of his toys in as it fits perfectley under the jumperoo!

    Sorry to butt in x
  • not at all helen! i got harri a bumbo but he hates it, so had to try something else, luckily he likes it and puts his feet up on it like hes in the sea on holiday..makes me chuckle! lol xxx
  • ah bless. Matthew likes his bumbo! I really want a jumperoo!!! xxx
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